What is app marketing analytic? How to get better growth ?

Attribution / App Marketing Analytics:– Attribution or we can say app marketing analytics is the process of identifying a set of user actions (“events”) that contribute in some manner to the desired outcome and then assigning a value to each of these events. App Marketing attribution provides a level of understanding of what combination of events in what particular order influence individuals to engage in the desired behavior, typically referred to as a conversion.

App Marketing Analysis

There are some Tools for App Marketing Analytics:-


  • Tapstream–Tapstream is a marketing dashboard for app makers that solves the user acquisition problem for apps. By using Tapstream to track acquisition, retention, and ROI across hundreds of channels, app makers gain complete clarity of marketing ROI, enabling them to reduce the cost of customer acquisition and focus on channels with high customer lifetime value.
  • Yozio– Yozio is helping mobile growth, marketing and product teams at companies like Airbnb, Eventbrite, and Pinterest crack the code on organic mobile app growth.
  • Distimo’s AppLink– Distimo Conversion Tracking starts with Distimo AppLink: a multi-platform, fully automated landing and redirect service for your apps. AppLink detects the user’s device and automatically forwards the user to the correct app store, or shows a nice landing page for desktop users. If you don’t have apps yet in your Distimo account, connect Distimo with your app store account and we will sync all your apps automatically. After adding apps, create your AppLink by selecting a group of apps from different platforms that have the same functionality
  • Trademob– Trademob is a leading international platform for programmatic mobile app advertising, helping advertisers and agencies reach their performance and branding goals while maximizing their ROI. The Berlin-based technology company serves its clients using a combination of its proprietary advertising technologies, including a demand-side platform for real-time bidding, and an extensive network of several hundred international mobile ad networks, SSPs, RTB exchanges and media partners.
  • Swrve:-“Test everything” is at the heart of our philosophy, and Swrve is the only enterprise-ready A/B testing platform for mobile apps. Whether it’s native content edits, in-app or push campaigns – our A/B testing platform automates everything and delivers results you can trust
  • it– You make great apps for multiple platforms. With product.it, use just one link to take new users to the correct app store, no matter what their device. Universal URL and Custom URL (sharing app content).it helps you to find out  real to launch your app.
  • Linkredirector iPhone users are more likely to order your product from Itunes while someone using an android phone probably isn’t.Redirect visitors directly to the store associated with the device they are using with a link from Linkredirector.
  • Adxtracking– AdXTracking is a 3rd party mobile advertising tracker that incorporates unique technology into a device for the purpose of in-depth tracking, monitoring, and analysis across all campaign stages.
  • AppsFlyer– AppsFlyer is the market leader in mobile advertising attribution & analytics, helping marketers to pinpoint their targeting, optimize their ad spend and boost their ROI. Once the AppsFlyer SDK is installed in a mobile app, it provides advertisers with conversion data for their user acquisition and retention campaigns. Advertisers login to their dashboard, and can monitor which media source was responsible for the mobile activity. Based on this information, advertisers that are able to optimize their advertising budget.
  • MobileAppTrackingby HasOffers –  it provides Powerful targeting and tracking to maximize your mobile performance campaigns.  It also Empowering networks, advertisers, and media buyers to measure, analyze, and optimize their mobile and online marketing campaigns—in real time.
  • Adjust– Adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile app marketers, combining attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics and store statistics.adjust integrates your network partners dynamically with zero lead time, allowing your partners to receive full conversion data from any campaign they run for you. You’ll never integrate a network SDK again.
  • Segment– Segment is the single hub to collect, manage and route your customer analytics data. With Segment as your customer data hub, you can focus on building incredible products and attracting more customers. Instead of wasting time integrating all of your tools individually, track data to Segment once

Now after getting good promotion of app now link the app to different places so people and user can get in touch with it. This is a time where Deep Linking of an app is must part of an app. A deep link is to link the app to specific URL so one can easily download it by a single click.

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