Top 8 advertising networks for app monetization

After making an app globally now it’s time to get some money from app/blog so now we will work how to get revenue from App which is known as  App Monetization:


App Monetization:- The Term app Monetization is used to mean the ability to generate a revenue through your app or blog. App Monetization can be from affiliate programs, electronic commerce, premium content, advertising or any form of revenue generation.

App monetization

To generate revenue these are some tools:-

  • Nextpeer:- Nextpeer provides a social layer for mobile games that provides game discovery, bolsters player engagement all the while retaining your game’s look.
  • Playhaven:- Playhaven real-time segmentation technology has allowed us to increase interstitial ad revenue without harming any of our KPIs.With Playhaven, mobile game developers able to :
    – Successfully launch their games and continuously drive high-quality players into their games
    – Increase revenue with targeted ads and cross-promotions
  • MobInLife:- Mobinlife has 2 activities :
    Making great innovative mobile games. We have 8 million players on Phone Fight, Pics Quiz and City Domination.
    Managing Transparent User Acquisition for app publishers. We drive marketing campaigns on mobile worldwide on iOS and Android:
  • Avocarrot:- Avocarrot is an app monetization technology using native ads. You can easily integrate the Avocarrot SDK in less than 10 minutes and start making extra money from your apps without destroying user experience.
  • Kiip: Kiip is a mobile advertising network that enables brands and companies to prompt consumers for commercial offers on virtual achievements.
  •   Smaato: Smaato is the global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers. Smaato runs the world’s largest independent mobile ad exchange and has been pioneering innovative, mobile-first solutions for publishers since 2005.
  • Appsfire:- Appsfire is a mobile app discovery and promotion platform that allows users to find mobile apps for iOS and Android, and provides tools and services for developers to market their apps.
  •  Asking Point: Complete app monetization and messaging solution plus rating widget. When you need to reach all your App users with important messages, the AskingPoint Push Messaging center is right there on your Dashboard.Once it’s integrated into your Apps, sending Push Notifications takes only seconds to do.

Now after getting revenue, it’s time to test app/blog manually.  Mobile App Testing is next step for a developer.
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