How to get your app fund using app crowdfunding

As far we have done research and made a demo tool of an app so now time to make our app/ product on large scale for this we want some company and funds .so now to get funds we will do app Crowd Funding.


What is  App Crowd funding (app specific)-: App Crowdfunding describes a business model where project owners raise funds by holding events that solicit contributions from large numbers of stakeholders. Online crowd funding events are an increasingly popular way to raise funds, due in part to the surge in social media broadcasting.



To achieve app crowdfunding These are some tools:-

  • App stori:- AppStori is a crowd sourcing and funding platform that connects mobile app consumers with developers before an app hits the app store.
  • Appbacker : Appbacker is a marketplace where everyone can crowdinvest in IPhone apps and Android apps. The way it works is that investors prefund future sales of apps. The investor buys the copies at lower wholesale prices and makes a profit later, when the copies actually sell in the app store.
  • Appsfunder:- AppsFunder is a new way to fund mobile apps. We operate on a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully funded or no money is transferred.
  • AppSplit:- AppSplit is a new site that allows you to create campaigns to help you raise funds for your app. It  have three different campaign types.
  • Kraudmob :- KraudMob is the Crowdfunding and Marketing platform for Mobile Apps. The Developers may publish a project related to Mobile Apps development.
  • Dandy:-Creating app in our community so we can easily promote it in our community.

As we have get funds for app from different stack holder or from different so we must make app globally. So app must be like to have localization. Localization means app must have local language according to different country so people must adopt easily app. So next step is Localizations.

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