8 Great app promotion ideas

App Promotion Ideas
The day you put your mobile app idea into the production, marketing begins from that day. But everyone does not have that much of budget. Customers can get location sensitive personalized information from app marketing strategies. This promotes goods, ideas, and services. Here are 8 ways to market your app better in the market.

8 Great App Promotion Ideas for Better Mobile App Marketing

1) Start marketing long before your launch
The app concepts and designs are complete, you should think about mobile app marketing strategy.  Figure out who your ideal users are, and why they download your app, and how to encourage them to do so. According to Google, only 40% of mobile users will search for apps through the mobile app store. The rest will get the applications through blogs, YouTube videos, and tutorials online, among so many other options.

2) Start engaging potential customer

There should be made of an ideal app that meets your ideal user’s needs. People will download it and if they do not want to live without it. So that time you should get feedback from your target audience and throughout the creation process. During the app creation, search out and engage with potential customers and through forums on relevant sites and social media get feedback from real users.

3) Start blog 

Writing a blog is one of the best ways to for mobile app marketing that share information online and keep people updated by posting regularly. As soon as your website’s up, start a blog for your mobile app. engage your readers in sharing your experiences there. They will feel included in the process, and you can get great feedback from people interacting with the posts.
4) Start releasing teasers
You can talk about your app all day, but people always want to see new things for themselves. So, use sneak peeks and teasers to move your customers from interested to excited about the application. App screenshots and video promos let people see the app, instead of hearing or reading about it, so you can use this to grow an email list of interested mobile app users.

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5)Preparing press kit and launch materials
For the launch date prepare your press kit and launch materials. Before you launch the app, you should have your full website ready, and have a video promo for outlining the key features of the app, and a piece of content like a press release or blog post. For interviews and reviews of the application reach out to the relevant media, industry and authoritative bloggers.
6)Get more feedback from customers
App stores are often ranked in popularity and value, based on ratings for mobile apps. So you want to develop a plan for getting more customer feedback and more reviews to increase the possibility of more downloads. Also, include contact information in your app descriptions, so customers can reach out with more detailed feedback or questions.
7)App reviews

Create your own YouTube videos on how to use the app to deal with specific problems. This will help you to capture more people that are looking for solutions to those problems and convert them into users. When they see a step by step guide on how they can use the application for their needs, they are so much more likely to give it a try

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8)Optimize app for mobile app stores

Through searching the app store, 40% download mobile applications from this, you need to ensure that the app is optimized for acquisition there. Use well researched and structured keywords in the application name. You can also use search ads for mobile app marketing to get your download numbers up.

So these are mobile app promotion strategies and app promotion ideas that you can consider. Hope you get useful information from this article. Kindly share your comments below regarding app promotion ideas.

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