Top 10 Mobile App Marketing Channels

Mobile App Marketing Channels
When launching your app into the Google Play or iTunes app stores, Marketing Strategy is via a mobile device. Each month, an average of 35,000 new apps are introduced on Android devices. To reach the optimal amount of people, and targeting the right audience, marketing the latest app is challenging task.

When launching a new app, you can consider the following Mobile App Marketing Channels.

Mobile App Wall Marketing:
For non-invasive in-app marketing, mobile app wall marketing provides the ultimate solution. This is considered as least intrusive methods of advertising in some banner ads. About 25% of top performing mobile apps use app walls to revenue their traffic.
Celebrity Features & Endorsements:
If you have fewer budgets for the marketing strategy. Then be sure that your chosen celebrity have existing social media presence. For marketing your app, the support of movie stars and singers is providing a great channel. This could be quite an expensive one.
Get  highlight as an “App of the Week”:

“App of the Week” can easily give wings to a new app of success. Being featured on already established sites is a great thing about it. Such sites are Reviewtheapps and app of the week. To deliver the best apps from around the world, users already trust these sources. It increases the chances of developing a solid base of users with high lifetime value.

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Mobile Site Redirection:
An effective way to increase app downloads is creating a mobile site that directs visitors to your app. Moreover, it’s a simple method too for the app marketing. Simply place a banner ad at the top of the page when people found your mobile site. It allows users to easily access the app from the app store.
Co-Promotional Partnerships:

To access exclusive content from Shazam while watching their favorite Bravo show, a co-promotional partnership is the best way to allow. What kind of partnership would work well for your style of app is a key to success for these mobile app marketing channels. You must be sure that you do research before heading down this path

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Television Advertising:

For the success of a new app, a TV advertising campaign can do wonders. It is more useful when you implement this strategy just before your big launch day in the app stores. 85% of the smartphones and tablet users revealed that they use their device as a second screen but 40% said that they did not do so

Search Marketing (Google Adwords):

For many developers Search Marketing tools is often a good step in the right direction. By customizing keywords and ads, based on their App ID and other information Google Adwords allow users to focus on a particular target audience. It is highly recommended to take the time to thoroughly research about best campaign style is best suited if you are new to Google Adwords.

Social Media/Facebook Advertising:

When it comes to marketing a new app, particularly Facebook can be the best friend of any developer when marketing a new app is consider. The best example of this statement is Candy Crush Soda Saga. For this King got more than 100 million users on launch day through Facebooks Video Advertising System. Also, Its advertising allows you to reach your target audience instantly.. Check Now..

Non-Incentivized CPI:

When no reward is offered, non-incentivized traffic is considered. It includes both non-incentivized and incentivized CPI. It’s because traffic generated by non-incent advertising is usually much higher in quality. In comparison to incentivized CPI, there is often high lifetime value. Check Now..

Incentivized CPI:

It is one of the most successful steps to generate a large amount of traffic in a short period. It is because the reward is given to users to download and install the app. In growing your mobile app installs and top list rankings the acquisition of incentivized user downloads can assist. Moreover, it is one of the most effective methods to boost install rates in a short period. It is also one of the cost-efficient methods of marketing.. Check Now..
So these are Mobile App Marketing channels that are useful for the app promotion.

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