Steps to perfect your app store optimization (ASO)

What is ASO?

It is the best bet to gain low-cost app exposure that increases revenue and bring out the result to boost app. In the mobile app marketing, App Store Optimization is the first step to success. For increasing organic downloads, investing in ASO is one of the best strategies. It is the process to get visibility improvement of a mobile app (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) in the app store (iTunes or Google Play).
63% of people discover apps via search. It is an easy way to approach. There are about 2.4 million apps on iTunes and Google play collectively. Instead of improving traffic App Store Optimization is about improving conversion. But, you might be thinking of how you can optimize your app store page? I’m listing some easy steps to follow that will help you do such an objective in the most efficient way possible:

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App Store Optimization Steps

1. App Name

The keywords that are most important to you should come into App Name. It always uses appropriate keywords to rank higher in store. After the icon of an app, the users will see the name or title so the title should be impressive. For this purpose, you can include some of the most searched keywords in your app name.

2. App Logo

Make sure your logo is well and iconic. It should do more than giving users a send of what the app is all about. This makes sense considering how the app store is filled with millions of mobile apps. Of course, creating an icon that is unique and spread your brand message will help users easily recognize the product and brand.

3. App Keywords

App Annie, mobile action and many more are useful tools that help in making ASO easy. It increases the chances of attracting users to your app.

4. App Description

The intro lines are what’s shown to users before they click “More” to expand the description at the fold. Show your best writing skills so users decide whether to install your app. After all, why would users choose to download an app that doesn’t meet their needs?

5. Choose Category For Your App

Choose the right category based not only on what is most relevant but also based on the level of competition and generated revenue. In fact, focus on choosing a category that helps you stand out from the competition. Right app category selection plays a vital role in making your app rank highly in your specific arena.

6. App Screenshots

In simple words, it difficult to gain users attention if the product is of start-up brand or less recognized. By adding screenshots to the app that looks nothing more than just a simple banner.
Boost your app using ASO

7. Video to Promote Your App

A video is one of the most powerful ways to get your message across about your app. Adding a video trailer is the best aspect that will make users understand in a much better way about your product and will keep them entertained.

8. Add Reviews and Ratings

It is a common trend that users check reviews and rating about the product to know what people say about that. On the Google Play Store, review section is visible which brings users attention to the reviews. In App Store Optimization they are playing a good role.

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