Top 10 Popular Ways to Promote Your App Globally

The mobile app promotion does not end at the App store that means without app store you can also promote your app globally. To promote the application, there are many ways in traditional marketing and digital marketing as well. There are various promotional activities which are if applied, they can have significant results. Additionally, to promote the app globally here I am discussing some of the ideas.

Ways to mobile app promotion

1 Press Release

Today there are so many articles, blog, and newspaper that write about your app and promote it through app press release submission. Also, Choose free blogs and newspaper to promotion because paid promotion can be done later Some good occasions for sending a press release are when the App reaches the store’s any significant distinctions or awards or international tops View More.

2. Cost-Per-Install Campaigns (CPI)

A cost-per-install product is that point which means when consumer installs the app and opens it then only you need to pay. It swears for guaranteed installs. Each download of your app takes a further step to rank on store chart. It’s a good way which shows a deeper bonding between you and your use, excluding wasted media spend. Overall Cost Per Install (CPI) comes with many benefits View More..

3. App Review Sites

It is one of the sources app users have to discover new apps are app review sites. App review sites out there, it’s hard to know where to focus your energy as a developer looking for a review. You want the right mix of exposure, credibility, and influence. . View More.

4. Make a video

Videos have a great ability too, in just 30 seconds, exemplify why the App is worth the download. Tell a story and with that story show how the App can solve that problem. Post this video on the App’s website, YouTube, etc. View More..

5. Offline Promotion

Offline marketing techniques that can help build and support your firm’s brand. So, whenever you have the possibility of physically promoting the App always include a QR code with a direct link to download the App. To build familiarity with customers through traditional advertising, offline marketing plans can be used for mobile app promotion.

mobile app promotion

6. Cross promotion in other Apps

Cross promotions networks work in much the same way, allowing you to partner with other developers on the network. A number of networks use cross-promotion. Additionally, there are also networks which are for exclusively to this type of cross-promotion between Apps. Cross-promotion networks that some are free, while others only offer a paid version.

7. Engage bloggers

Improving your blogger outreach in a world where consumers are bombarded by advertising. Introduce your App to the most influential bloggers within the theme of your App. If they like it, they will share it with all their readers and followers on social networks. A blog article submission is there through blog engage. Additionally, this article can be reviewed and can be reviewed by all or our visitors to the main page.

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8. App’s website

A website designed to promote downloads of the web application and that can also serve as a channel for technical support. A common mistake in such sites is to not develop the mobile version, although this is one of the most common forms of access. So, for any app developer to create and host a fully responsive website for their app website Builder makes it easy and quick.

9. Smart App Banners

Smart App Banners is a unified way to promote apps when mobile safari is considered to view it. Also, there is an indication that there is an app from that website which is available to download in the store. Now, these are only available on iOS, with existing plugins for Android.

10. Promotion on social networks

Mobile app promotion on social media is different. Facebook has an advertising option that is specifically geared to promoting the installation of Apps – Mobile App Install Ads. Additionally, there should be social components in the app function. For an instant, inviting a friend to use that app or sharing the same on social platforms like Twitter or Facebook. View More..

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