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We dream about great ideas for mobile apps. Developers are sure that they can bring unique and innovative ideas into the app to generate broad appeal. It is to achieve top rank above all apps.

What’s a mobile app?

The mobile app is a short application that runs on a computers operating system. This was just a really common term for any standalone bit of software as like the way that Microsoft Word runs on top of the Windows operating system.

What are mobile apps?

A mobile app is a software that has an operating system which supports standalone software. It runs on a device (phone, tablet, e-reader, iPod, etc.) that can connect to wifi or wireless carrier networks.
The Month Before: Define success: Achievement of an action within a specified period of time or within a specified parameter. In order to know whether you are succeeding or not, you will need to set the goals. To initialize keep it simple, placing goals around active install rates, average rating score and number of reviews and.

Create a video: The video is one of the most effective ways to show off your app’s interface. It considers that creating a video that demonstrates its features and workflow.

Decide where you want to be: If you are launching an app for Android that does not try to submit your app to every on the store. It focuses your promotions to drive all potential users to one store and centralizes your user base. It will allow your app to get better ratings, higher ranking.

The Week Before :

Week before

Draft and finalize your content: Make a confirmation about your newsletter copy, press release and even the text for your tweets and Facebook posts are all drafted, proofed and finalized in advance. Do not leave this to the last minute.

Get to know the press: Reports and blogs can help you to extend the awareness of your app scores. Research those publications that cover and review apps that fall in the same category as yours, and confirm that you know who at each publication would be most excited about your app.

Last Two or Three Day Before :

Reach out to press: When you lunch your app, the reporters and bloggers should be publishing content about it. So let them know in advance. Select a handful of reporters to reach out to pre-launch, and be sure to let each know the specific date and time that the app will be released. To answer the questions reserve your time and to press the day, make yourself available.

Offer a sneak peek:

If you can offer media previews of your app, do it. Before it’s available to the public allowing reviewers to play around with your app. Make their articles informative and more in-depth.
Finalize and organize your visual assets. It will be more communicative for the audience if your app has logos, screenshots, and video. All these make it more interesting. Make sure every reporter you’re in touch with has access to all assets before your app is released.

Launch Day :

launch app
Reach out to everyone on your press list: You will get plenty of positive press the day of launch. Reach out to your expanded list of relevant reporters and bloggers to boost your app. Let them know about your launch in depth. To the big app review sites and any other publications send information about your app.
Tap to your existing users: In case, if you are launching on a new platform, be sure that it encourages the fans you already have. It helps you spread the word. Through social media, blog, newsletter or all of the three reach out to your existing user base. Be sure to specifically ask users to help you spread the word. To boost response consider your friend’s campaign.
Be social: When your app is released Tweet or post to the Facebook right and a few more times throughout the day. To boost Twitter activity and capitalize on the excitement of your launch try to re-tweet campaign coupled with a giveaway-specific hashtag
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After Post Launch :

How can you sustain the momentum and prevent your app from dipping under the radar? After your fantastic launch
Paid advertising: Oftentimes paid promotion campaigns will keep it visible and extend the momentum that your launch, users in case if your app is hot. Press attention has already garnered. But take advantage fast, and make sure the campaigns are live within a few days after launch the app.
Do not drop the press: First, right after you launch, do not forget to thank participating reporters for their interest and time. Second, as you continue to create and add features to your app, be sure to keep reporters posted.

Getting partner up and integrating with other app developers: It can be a wonderful way to both expand the capabilities of your app. Get it in front of brand new, already engaged audiences. In order to choose the right integration partner, first, think about what is most important to your existing users

Remain active on social media platforms to engage users: Ask questions to users and respond to their inquiries, ideas, and feedback right away. Be sure to thank them for contributing, if they make recommendations that you implement in a future update.
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