Top Effective Way To Get More Traffic Using App Store Optimization

What is App Store Optimization?
App Store Optimization is a way to optimize the mobile app in order to get to a high position in the app stores search result. ASO is gaining huge attraction since it helps many apps in improving its rankings and downloads by huge margins. A competent App store optimization can even help you to create the next Snapchat, Tinder, Angry birds as it will help you to target your audience in a better way.
Effective Way To Get More Traffic:
1) App Monitoring & Keyword Tracking: It helps to track your app performance from time to time so you can also get the right information about your app. App Store Optimization is a complex iterative process. This makes it necessary to have a regular check on your app’s performance. App monitoring and keyword tracking are crucial tasks for your app marketing. We have developed something to easier this task for you.
2) App Store Ranking Factors: App ranking factor help to keywords in which you can see your keyword ranking in top hundred. It means your app keywords are in top hundred then it automatically gets more attention. In order to sort apps in app store search results, there is a complex mathematical algorithm in the App Stores. There are several factors influencing your position in-app search rankings.



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3) App Title: The keywords that are most important to you should come into App Title so make your app title is unique and won’t be confused with different apps. It encourages customers to use relevant keywords in their search result. The app title plays a critical role in app store ranking and how users find your app. A good app name should bring high recognition value and most important keywords in it. Find some recommendations for app titles in this post.

4) App Icon:  Your product icon can make or break your success so make sure your icon or logo must be clearly & creatively that express your app. The app icon presents the brand of the app and core idea for the same. It has the power to thrive organic downloads. Make it sure that your icon should be iconic. It should do more than giving users a send of what the app is all about.

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5) App Keyword Research: Keyword Optimization or App Keyword Research are two major tasks in the iterative process of App Store Optimization. Both tasks play together to find the perfect keyword strategy in order to increase visibility in app stores. Don’t repeat the keywords that are already in your title separate your keywords by commas but do not use spaces.
6) App Description: Show your best writing skills so users decide whether or not to install your app because if your app description attracts user than you definitely get more downloads. The app description is part of meta-data fields and has the goal to explain app features and important app information for users. Furthermore, it is read by the search algorithm and therefore relevant for app ranking.
7) App Reviews: App reviews and app ratings are the major factors for ranking your app in higher positions. High user ratings validate your app’s quality and directly affect your app’s ranking in app stores. A high volume of positive feedbacks plays a large role in your rankings, so create a positive review for your app and produce a good app that your users can’t resist rating positively!
8) App Screenshots & Preview Videos: Give clear & detailed screenshots of your app & highlights all the best parts of your app with multiple screenshots. Screenshots and videos are the great way to gain the attention of customers. They also act as a representation about the app to them. App Screenshots and preview demonstrate the app functionality.
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