Best Tips To Optimize Your App Strategy During Halloween Season

Best Tips To Optimize Your App Strategy During Halloween Season
Halloween falls on the night of October 31. In this festival, children are going to door to door collecting candy with dressing in costumes. Most of the western countries in the late 20th century, consider Halloween as a part of American pop culture. The countries where the celebration took place are USA, UK, the Republic of Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
History and Origins of Halloween:
The Halloween celebrated today has elements of several different religious and cultural traditions. Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It is associated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. In that, people wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts and light bonfires. The main logic behind this is beginning of cold winter, dark and end of summer which is often associated with human death.
As per Celts, on the night before the New Year, the boundary between the dead and worlds of living become unclear. They celebrated Samhain on the night of October 31. There is faith that ghost of the dead return to the earth. They are causing trouble and also damaging the crops. As per Celts, the presence of spirits made it easy for Celtic Priests or Druids to make a future prediction.

Tips For Effective Halloween Marketing Planning:

1) A Sweet campaign: To get the right candy you need a CPI campaign that is Cost per Install is a tactic you can use when trying to increase installs. You have to pay only a certain amount for each install your app receives. Your goal here is not to make the most amount of money but to position yourself in the top charts of your app’s category. The higher position you’ll receive the more installs you’ll receive. Click Here..
2) Chilling Truth About ASO: For mobile apps, it’s a chilling truth that with App Store Optimization it improves your keywords ranking. That means a good keyword increase more traffic among the target audience.  The right keywords help to search your app easily in app store market. Over the last few years, if you are publishing mobile apps, then you likely see the rise in importance and awareness of app store optimization (ASO). Click Here..
3) Contest That Really Helps Your Biz: Run a Contest to increase your mobile app installs. It is a platform to grow and engage your audience. Sweepstakes, Viral contests, and giveaways to mobile, web and social. Sweepstakes and Contests and giveaways are increasingly popular among marketers who are vying for the attention of their social media audiences. Click Here..
4) Create A Spooky Look For Your App: Make your app icon look unique so your app gets a better position as compared to others. Also, improve your app screenshots. That means if your app screenshots are not available then it creates a bad impact for a user. Because a user always sees good screenshots in which he/she will be understood about app working easily. Click Here..

Halloween App Marketing Sale

5) Effective Halloween Ratings & Review: It is well said that first impression is the last impression.  People usually read about previous reviews of the app. It is helpful for them to know how much the app is helpful for them. Good five-star ratings with a good review of the app make a better presence in the market. Ratings & Reviews play an important role your app ranking because when people visit at any app they first visit your app ratings and read reviews about your app. Click Here..
6) Send Halloween Emails To Customers: Send Emails to relevant customers that engage directly with your app. It generates a good customer so you can get more installs, ratings & better ranking from others. Using an effective newsletter can attach more people to your business so people may know about the app, business, and products. Click Here..
7) Cast Halloween Special Offers on Social Platform: Provide Halloween special offers to users so they attract with your app and download it. Social media creates a huge buzz on the internet so your Halloween offer may attract more people. Start with social media because it helps to connect users world widely & improve visibility in the app market. Click Here..
8) Make Your App Description & Keywords Magical: What was the last time, you reviewed about the app description and keywords. If you want to gain app exposure and add more installs to your “pillowcase” you’re going to need to have a magical description and keywords to match. Write a good app description and add a relevant keyword in the description that creates a magic in your app so you gain more downloads. Click Here..

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