Ways to use hashtag in your Facebook:

We all aware and know about the hashtag. They are playing a unique & important role in your social media marketing. The main use of these tags is finding the people who have similar interest. With the help of which people and a user can find your post easily and ultimately it increases the traffic. Well, many of you might be not aware of small tips related to hashtag.

In this blog, I will tell you everything related to trending hashtags, their benefits, tools for the hashtags and some of the special tips. So continue with your reading here.

What is Hashtag?

In simple words, we can say that these are special words which are preceded by a Hash sign (#) used on the social media. This turns the word into a clickable icon or you can say a link. When anyone clicks on it, a list of the public post is visible and the user will easily get all the relevant post of his or her interest.

Benefits of using the hashtag:

Expanding your reach:

Hashtags are the best solution to expand your reach and gain attention. It’s a great way to find people with the similar interest and find the conversation too. Using the special hashtag can also brand your page. This gives an easy way to share the information and you will get the best of promotion solution for your app.

Crossing the social platform:

Occasionally you can cross the platform with a single post. It’s really natural to use the hashtag on Facebook. Well, different marketers have different ways to use hashtag but here I am sharing you some of the best ways. The using of the special hashtag is also the best thing to promote special things. Best Hashtag actually helps people to find the content across the platform. Well stuffing the post with tons of hashtag is not at all natural. Also, keep the relevancy of the app in mind. Using only 1 or 2 hashtags is really a sense full.

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Special tips for hashtags:

  • Using only one word: Hashtag actually works for only one word. The using of #FacebookMarketing and #facebookmarketing are best ways to represent Facebook marketing as Hashtag.
  • No sense of using capital words: If you think capitalization brings some changes then you are wrong. Making the words capital doesn’t matter at all. That clearly means HOUSE and house are considered as same.
  • Make whatever hashtag you like: You can make whatever hashtag you want to make but this thing to keep in mind that these hashtags should be clear and meaningful. Additionally, don’t forget the relevancy of the hashtag with your post.
  • Research on the hashtag: Take a small research on your hashtag. Take a look and check that where the hashtags are already in use. Just check some of the social sites where the hashtags are in use. This small research will lead to a big benefit.

Tools for hashtag:

Hashtags are really great for social monitoring. If the hashtags are specific to your brand then you can easily check that what others are saying when they use the hashtag. Here are some of the tools that you can use for hashtags.


It is one of the tools which is most useful for finding the most relevant hashtags regarding the post. This platform is having a lab at which hashtags are updated daily and this can be monitor by the social media team. Recently a new feature name as Instagram tracking feature has been released. This tool enhances your performance on Instagram and Twitter.


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This is another great app. you can easily monitor and schedule the content across multiple social media platforms. Apart from monitoring the social media, it is also used for tracking the hashtags. From this tool, you can make the managing and report on social media content easier.


Free Version: Free 30 day trial

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RiteTag actually optimizes the updates for social platforms and then create a library of hashtags to use. It is also having an extension that you can add to your web browser. You can add that extension to schedule updates with your optimized hashtags. With the help of its trend alert feature, you can keep yourself updated on the trending topic. You can view the related hashtags using tag sets.

Free Version: 7 days trial


This tool is something that to get the complete conversation. It gathers videos, text, and images and this lead to overall ideas of what is happening around the hashtag. When you type any word it gathers information related to that word from the different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Free Version: No


This tool is something which provides more than tracking feature. A user can easily get into a conversation around hashtags. Data’s can be easily filtered out and charted using the tool. Talkwalker gives the data for geographic distribution, sentiment analysis for your hashtag.

Free Version: No

So this is all about the Hashtags and its all information. Hope you get the useful information through this blog. Kindly share your thoughts through commenting below.

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