How to Improve Your App Retention Rate

How to Improve Your App Retention Rate

A saddening situation for app makers nowadays arrives when they realize their app can’t retain users. There’s a huge ocean of apps in the market, each with specific services. But what’s horrifying is that you can find another app so quickly that is the same as you downloaded it a minute or even a second ago. People tend to hop on different apps real quick because, at the end of the day, we are humans, and we never get satisfied with one thing. 

In such a scenario, just realize how important it is for an app to retain its users in such a wide app market. It’s a thoughtful thing, right? And you don’t want your app to become a mere showcase element on the home screen of cell phone users. This is where app retention comes to the rescue.

As you read through the article, you’ll unfold some major mobile app retention strategies that will help your users stick around, finally helping you in the app user retention rate.

What is the App Retention Rate?

App retention rate is the number of active users on a particular app. In the modern time, it’s a task to retain users on an app. Let’s consider us- once we download an app, we hardly use it twice. We see that the churn rate for mobile apps is remarkably higher. This is when the app retention rate comes into being. Effective App Store Optimization (ASO) plays a crucial role in improving app retention rates by ensuring that your app is easily discoverable, appealing, and relevant to users’ needs, thereby increasing the likelihood of repeated usage and long-term engagement.

Let’s directly jump into how we can help you retain your users. Once you step into the world of mobile app marketing services, it becomes important for you to master the strategies that will help you with mobile app retention.

Mobile App Retention Strategies

Just realize how impatient people have become nowadays; they want their problems to be solved in a minute without having to face any hassle. To serve them here, it’s your app’s responsibility not to tangle the minds of users in the initial steps once they’ve hit the download button. Easy access to the app also saves a good amount of time and mental energy. Furthermore, integrating effective customer retention services within the app is crucial for keeping users engaged and satisfied over the long term, ensuring they continue to derive value from your app even after the initial download.

Add Tutorials for Better Access

First impressions matter, right? As soon as a user analyses a certain app, what takes them a step

closer are the tutorials added underneath, and these gems shower the first impression of the app upon the users. We learn by examining something with our own eyes, right? So let’s see it this way only. Every app must contain easy tutorials on the usage so that it persuades a person, even more, to get started with the app.

Push Notifications

This is a great way to communicate with your users and remind them of your app. You can keep your users engaged with little reminders that aren’t irrelevant but sprinkle a sense of relevancy, humor, or anything in their heads. 

– Let’s take Zomato as an example, or any other app. These apps engage regularly with their users via little reminders or push notifications. They keep entertaining and persuading their users with those messages, which, therefore, only add to their growth.

 Using such an idea only solidifies the retention and growth of your app.

Introduce Brand New Updates

With a changing world, how can you expect your app to be the same and still retain users? For your app to attract users all around, you need to come up with fresh and pleasant updates that will not only enhance the user experience but will also help your app rank higher in the app store. Introducing regular updates not only fixes the issues but also works wonders for the app’s success. 

-Let’s take WhatsApp as an example-

Throughout the years, we have only seen WhatsApp grow. This particular app has always come up with the most eye-pleasing interface and newer updates for the users to stick around. Today, users can find every feature in WhatsApp where they do not need to use certain apps but just one app for different purposes.

Implement A Reward System

Who doesn’t love rewards? Everyone does, right? Implementing a reward system in the app encourages the user to use the app more. You may offer incentives and rewards to your users

and even discounts for them to get engaged with your app more and return regularly.

Communication and Comprehension

These two have the power to solve anything and everything. You can communicate with your user via

notifications or in-app features. Sending them personalized notifications according to their personal or regular needs has the power to retain the user.

 If the user is served well with the services, it’s a win-win situation. Furthermore, comprehending the needs of the user can drive you more to come up with newer things.

Strong Feedback Mechanism

It is your prime responsibility to take into account if the users are having an issue with the app. Understand your users and engage with regular feedback mechanisms to align with their

needs. Not neglecting their concerns and engaging in solving their problems can foster a sense of accountability and credibility in the users. Thereby, helping to build your app’s retention rate.

Lastly, you can work seamlessly with the techniques and strategies mentioned above to boost your app retention rate to the next level.

How Does Appfillip Help To Improve Your App Retention Rate?

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