App Store Product Page

The App Store merchandise page is your landing page to get a mobile app or sport spread and printed on Apple’s App Store.

The App Store Product page is your landing page to get a mobile app or sport spread and printed on Apple’s App Store.

This guide can allow you to produce successful promotional resources on your iOS app store product page at the Apple App Store. Use our layout templates to show the most persuasive screenshots from the app’s UI in an iPhone.

Impactful and easy-to-follow descriptions can help users quickly know your app’s attributes and advantages — and invite them to download it! Review the prerequisites and added directions in the App Store. You can also join and consult with Apple’s product page hints.

Select engaging, colorful screenshots from your app’s UI that represent key features—and if possible, differentiators—that are meaningful and valuable to the user.

Render your screenshots within the template provided. They will appear within an iPhone against a plain white background, which will focus the viewer’s attention on the screens. Do not modify or distort the image of the iPhone.

The App Store merchandise page outline is a brief paragraph about your app, followed by a listing of important capabilities. Compose a description that tells the world why they need to download your app.

Certainly tell your app’s narrative, which makes it unique and makes it valuable for consumers. Summarize its attributes and advantages, describing the issues your app simplifies.

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