App Store Ranking

Every application has a megabyte size That determines the amount of storage it Needs so as to Operate on users’ devices.

Your mobile app size file falls inside criteria. The typical app file size is currently 38 MB to get iOS mobile apps and 15MB for Android Mobile apps.

We explore how typical file sizes differ between mobile app categories. With this understanding, you can benchmark your mobile app against others to guarantee a bit of success for your application.

Mobile app file size is vital. In case your mobile app is too big, it might be hard or expensive for consumers to download. A lengthy ‘time to play’ can turn users off until they experience your mobile app.

Along with a consumer’s device may have a very modest quantity of disk space. These issues are chemical if the developing world is a part of your intended industry.

Mobile games, specifically, have grown quickly in size. The app packages will need to include game resources and assorted SDKs. Therefore, a sizable bundle size comes bundled using a rich game experience.

App developers are concerned with making sure their app packages stay as little as so they can select lightweight SDKs or get material searchable wherever the potential lies.

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