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App Store Rating

From the App Store, every application receives a score of 0.0-5 that relies on customers’ opinions.

Users may speed your app on a scale of one to five stars. Individual evaluations inform your app’s summary evaluation, which can be displayed in your Item page and in search results.

This short article app store rating is unique to each land on the App Store and you can reset it once you launch a new variant of your app. But we recommend using this feature.

While resetting the overview rating can guarantee that it reflects the latest version of your app — helpful if an upgrade addresses users’ preceding issues — having few evaluations can discourage potential customers from downloading the app.

Additionally, bear in mind that updating your outline evaluation doesn’t reset your app’s written testimonials.

Users may speed iOS, iPad OS, mac OS, and tv OS apps on the app’s product page on their own apparatus. Users may rate watch OS apps on the App’s product page in their own iOS device.

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