Google Play Experiments

Google Play Store list experiments or Gex, is your A/B testing operation offered by Google.

Google Play Store list experiments are your A/B testing operation offered by Google. It is the native Google Play A/B testing platform for both app pages.

Everybody knows that fantastic App pages are crucial to get an App’s success. The issue is, no one understands what makes up a fantastic app page.

App entrepreneurs can talk with good confidence in best practices, but nobody knows what really works better within an App page.

This section in the left sidebar of your Google Play Developer Console. In case you haven’t discovered it yet, visit your Google Play Developer Console, start’ Store Listings’ and be educated.

Every moment you can check four unique variations of your App page. That means your existing app page also has 3 extra ones.

Specify the proportion of viewers which will be delivered to the analyzed app pages. If you establish that 30% of consumers will be sent into the analyzed pages, and make 3 distinct variations from the experiment, 10% of consumers must observe each analyzed version, and 70% of consumers will get to the current version of the App Pages.

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