Google Play introduces ‘Android Excellence’ collections that showcase the best Android apps and games

Recently Apple introduced an entirely renovate App Store. It put greater focus on editorial, editorialized content such as interviews, tips & tricks and stories on apps and developers. This is all along with regular postings of curated lists and “app of the day” type features.

Today tab, Google announced its own plans to expand editorial involvement on Google Play with the launch of its new Android Excellence program. Android Excellence will show the highest-quality apps and games on a rotating basis.

Through Google Play’s editors, apps and games will be handpicked based on their ability to deliver incredible user experiences on Android. This is all about those which use Google best practices and have great technical performance & localization.

The new Android Excellence collections will also be considered highlighting the apps. This will be same as like Apple’s Editor’s Choice round-ups that show extra features of iOS or are top–tier examples.

There will be broken down of content into two groups, i.e. apps and games in Google Play Store’s Android Excellence. In these groups, each will feature a revamped editor’s choice section full of app and game review curated specifically by the editorial team. We can do a viewing of games and apps in the lists for a quarter of this.

Apple (Apple’s Today tab) vs Google comparison (Android Excellence )

The biggest difference between Android Excellence and Apple’s Today tab is about updating. Android Excellence will only be updated quarterly; it clearly means that it will not feature new content daily like the Today tab.

 Users might turn away from viewing daily because of Google’s decision to update quarterly, but for the app developers who gain the featured spot, it could be a significant means of attracting new downloads for a long period.

While Google is trying to introduce more editorialized content, they are not matching the level that Apple will achieve. Daily stories will be featured through Apple, which will present anything from world premieres to inside looks of newly launched apps.

Google’s editorialized content is like a mirror, however, is merely a brief bullet list of why their editors choose the app or game. Mind it that this will not highlight the developers or give many contexts behind their creative choices.

Conclusion :

To offer revamped Editor’s choice, Google bear Apple. It will certainly help more apps with its rotating content. Android Excellence collections are another positive step for the play store. Google is trying its best to offer user apple features and this will also give developer little more exposure.

Source By: #TechCrunch, #PcWorld

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