How Influencer Marketing Affects App Installs?

App Marketing is just not a short journey there are a lot of activities and strategies need to follow. Most of us think that the promotion of the mobile application is not “A Hot Potato” but the actual scene is different. It requires a lot of patience and a clever strategy to get the app to reach out to users. Marketing itself is a broad term and cannot be seen in an area of limitation, one of the parts of this is influencer marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

In simple terms, Influencer Marketing is an activity in which rather than targeting a market, the focus is placed on influential people. Within social media influencer, individuals are identified that have an effect on potential customers.

True Story of App Install:-

In real nobody install the app without convincing them. In fact, there is zero number of download in a month in the US or any other countries even there are thousands of apps submitted to the app store. It can sound awkward but its bitter truth. Even nobody gets aware of the application, without hearing from someone else.

What can be the solution?

Well, it is understood that users never download apps easily. The one solution to this can be “Word-of-Mouth”. Convince others and recommend them about the app is one of the best solutions and here Influencer Marketing comes into the picture.

About 70% of people heard about the app before installing it as per the Tune report. It is key to app marketing. In this situation, an Influencer marketing strategy can play a big role.

Influencer role and trust:-

Collaborating with influencer helps us to reach our goal. Everyone wants to expand his or her Word-of-mouth effect. With the help of Social influence, we can easily get the exposure for our app. The best influencers are those who have the same target audience the app aims too.

Whenever, influencer post a video, blog, photo it helps a lot to people to get familiarize with the app. It is because; people are more likely to install those applications which they already knew it before. It is not necessary that they should know whole in detail but a small introduction about the app is helpful in making application familiar. The content shared and post in Influencer campaign makes a different effect on the app promotion.

How exactly Social influencer works?

A social influencer has certain qualities that make it more trustworthy than any other traditional method. The first thing is that the cost for a social influencer is low or in return, the company allow an influencer to use the product of the company. This cut down the high cost which is companies usually pay to celebrities for the promotion of the app. The advertisement is not always trustworthy. So when a known person convinces or recommends the application it makes much more effect. Influence of advertisement can even cross the boundaries of countries and a language barrier.

So this is all about how Influencer Marketing Affects App Installs. Due to Influencer marketing campaigns factors, app installs get a hike and it is also one of the reasons that influencer can be a great choice. Hope you can use information from this blog. Thanks for reading.


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