App Store Title

The App Store title is the title of a mobile app or gaming since it seems during the app store on many different placements.

The App Store title is the title of a mobile app or gaming since it seems during the App Store on many placements.

Apple supplies a 30-character name distance. When many apps use this to your title alone, people with shorter names may and ought to comprise extra information after the name.

This uses more keywords, thus freeing up space to your subtitle and keyword lender to use and supplies customer-facing information.

If it had to turn its own App Store title into “Washer: Laundry & Dry Cleaning,” this could use all 30 characters, allow it to target the high-volume “laundry” and “dry cleaning” keywords and let users seeing the app understand exactly what its aim is.

For example, if there is a laundromat locator app called “Washer,” that name only uses six figures.

If the name tag looks like a list of keywords, Apple may grab it for keyword stuffing; it’s to read obviously while containing the keyword phrases you desire.

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