App Store Subtitle

The app store subtitle is a component all users see in their travel to install a app.

The App Store Subtitle is a component that all users see in their travel to install an app.
The app’s subtitle serves important functions.

It provides users with additional details regarding the app itself, for example its performance or intention, but in addition, it provides you additional space for keywords.

Using the subtitle area is suggested for App Store Optimization, therefore let us take a peek at how you can use the App Store Subtitle character limitation to its fullest.

The subtitle was added into the App Store in 2017 using iOS 11, once the store underwent a redesign. Included in these alterations to this App Store, the name length was decreased from 50 figures to 30.

In exchange for dropping 20 characters in the name area, it awarded apps 30 more characters to use to the subtitle.

Like the name, the subtitle is user-facing and looks with the app in the search results. Therefore, these 30 characters must create a coherent statement or tagline that takes part with the consumer.

Using ASO applications, apps may identify high-volume and related keywords which they can integrate in the subtitle.

It contains this guarantees that the terms in the app’s metadata and that consumers looking for those conditions will can quickly see the way the app relates to their own queries.

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