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How we helped Fit 30 achieve 620% keywords growth in 3 months

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This case study exemplifies how our innovative advertising approach transformed the fortunes of the revolutionary fitness application, 30 Day Fitness Challenge Fit30. We not only achieved a remarkable 620% growth in keywords within three months but also secured top positions for critical keywords in just eight weeks, all while maintaining a cost-effective marketing strategy.

Client Background:

30 Day Fitness Challenge Fit30 is a groundbreaking fitness app designed to help users achieve their fitness goals through structured workout challenges. The client sought a unique advertising solution to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) with a low-cost marketing strategy.


Our client faced the challenge of standing out in a saturated fitness app market. They needed to maximize ROI while minimizing advertising costs, making it crucial to find an effective yet budget-friendly marketing strategy.

Our Solution:

To address this unique challenge, our advertising team devised an innovative and cost-effective advertising strategy:

  1. Data-Driven Analysis: We conducted comprehensive data analysis to identify the most cost-effective advertising channels and target demographics.

  2. Content Strategy: We crafted engaging and persuasive ad content that resonated with fitness enthusiasts, highlighting the app’s unique features and benefits.

  3. Precise Targeting: Using advanced targeting tools, we honed in on the most relevant and responsive audiences, optimizing ad spend.

  4. A/B Testing: We continuously refined our ad campaigns through A/B testing, identifying the most effective ad variations for conversion.

  5. Performance Monitoring: Constant monitoring allowed us to allocate resources where they delivered the highest ROI and adjust strategies in real-time.


  • Data analysis informed our advertising platform selection.
  • Engaging ad content was deployed across chosen platforms.
  • Precise targeting ensured ads reached the right audience.
  • A/B testing refined ad campaigns for maximum effectiveness.
  • Ongoing performance monitoring enabled real-time adjustments.

Results and Outcomes:

The implementation of our unique advertising strategy yielded impressive results:

  1. 620% Keywords Growth in 3 Months: 30 Day Fitness Challenge Fit30 experienced an astounding 620% growth in keywords it ranked for, significantly enhancing its visibility.

  2. Top Keyword Rankings in 8 Weeks: Five critical keywords secured top positions (1, 2, and 3) within just eight weeks, boosting app visibility and downloads.

  3. Increase in Conversion Rates: The optimized ad campaigns contributed to an increase in conversion rates, maximizing ROI.


Our innovative advertising approach successfully addressed the client’s challenge of achieving substantial growth while adhering to a low-cost marketing strategy. The remarkable 620% growth in keywords and rapid top keyword rankings are evidence of the effectiveness of our strategies. We remain committed to helping 30 Day Fitness Challenge Fit30 continue its success in the competitive fitness app market.