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How Addams Family game got 78% increase in new organic installs 12 weeks

Addams Family Game

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Addams Family: Mystery Mansion – The Horror House!

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  • ASO 
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In a world of endless apps and fierce competition, the Addams Family found itself in a pickle. Their rankings were plummeting faster than a rollercoaster, and they needed a lifeline to boost their organic traffic and reel in more installs. Buckle up because we’re about to take you on a wild ride through this exhilarating case study, where we turned the tide for the Addams Family in just 12 weeks.

Client Background:

Meet Addams Family, an app in the entertainment scene, which was facing more drama than one of their episodes. As rivals clawed their way up the rankings, Addams Family’s app store presence was sinking faster than quicksand. Their mission? Regain their spot in the limelight, attract organic traffic, and bag more installations.


Picture this: Addams Family was stuck in a haunted forest of app store competition. To make things spookier, their rankings were descending like a ghostly apparition. Our mission? To summon a solution that would light up their path to visibility and draw new users into their eerie world.

Our Solution:

We whipped up a potion for success, and here’s what went into the cauldron:

  1. Keyword Magic: We donned our wizard hats and created a potent mix of relevant, high-performing keywords. These enchanting keywords found their way into every nook and cranny of the app’s metadata, descriptions, and title.

  2. Content Enchantment: We sprinkled some fairy dust on their app listing, conjuring up mesmerizing visuals, captivating descriptions, and spellbinding screenshots that left potential users spellbound.

  3. ASO (App Store Optimization) Sorcery: With the diligence of a seasoned sorcerer, we continually monitored and tweaked the app’s store listing, using A/B testing to conjure up conversion rate improvements.


Our magical strategy played out over a 12-week spell, with constant adjustments and incantations to keep things bewitching. We faced challenges like shifting algorithms and ever-changing user behavior head-on, casting counterspells to keep our progress on track.

Results and Outcomes:

Our spellbinding 12-week campaign delivered results that could put a smile on even the grimmest of witches:

  • 650% Keywords Growth: The app’s visibility shot up like a phoenix, soaring high on the wings of newfound keywords, making it a breeze for users to stumble upon it.

  • 78% Increase in New Organic Installs: Our incantations on the app listing and heightened visibility had users flocking to install, showing an enchanting level of interest.

  • 8 Keywords at the Top in 8 Weeks: Eight crucial keywords made their way to the top in just eight weeks, a testament to our magical prowess in outshining the competition.


In this bewitching tale, the Addams Family didn’t just find their way out of the haunted forest; they built a castle in it. By sprinkling the right keywords, crafting captivating content, and weaving ASO magic, they rose like a phoenix from the ashes of declining rankings. The results in just 12 weeks speak volumes about the power of a well-crafted ASO strategy.