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How we set BabyBus on the path of success with 640% growth in keyword ranking

Baby Panda Care

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Baby Panda Care

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  • App Store Optimization
  • User Acquisition
  • Growth Hacking
  • PR
  • Android


This case study highlights the transformation of Baby Panda Care, an application developed by BabyBus. The challenge was to reduce Cost Per Install (CPI), increase organic presence, achieve keyword rankings, and initiate Public Relations (PR) for the app. Through our strategies, we not only achieved a remarkable 640% growth in keywords in just five months but also secured top positions for ten critical keywords in 17 weeks, while simultaneously decreasing CPI and gaining widespread recognition.

Client Background:

Baby Panda Care, developed by BabyBus, is an engaging and educational app designed for children. The client sought to overcome high CPI compared to other apps in the same category.


The primary challenge was to make Baby Panda Care more cost-efficient while increasing its visibility and appeal. This involved reducing CPI, enhancing organic presence, ranking for key keywords, and initiating PR efforts.

Our Solution:

To address this multifaceted challenge, our team devised a comprehensive solution:

  1. CPI Reduction: We optimized advertising campaigns, focusing on cost-efficient channels and targeting.

  2. Keyword Strategy: We conducted in-depth keyword research, optimizing app store listings for target keywords.

  3. Content Enhancement: We improved app descriptions, screenshots, and visuals to appeal to the target audience.

  4. PR Initiatives: We engaged in public relations efforts to increase media coverage and app awareness.

  5. Performance Analytics: Continuous monitoring allowed us to adjust strategies in real-time, maximizing results.


  • CPI reduction involved revising ad campaigns and targeting.
  • Keyword optimization improved app store visibility.
  • Content enhancement made the app more appealing.
  • PR initiatives increased media presence.
  • Ongoing performance monitoring enabled adjustments for maximum effectiveness.

Results and Outcomes:

Our comprehensive solution yielded impressive results:

  1. 640% Keywords Growth in 5 Months: Baby Panda Care experienced an astounding 640% growth in keywords it ranked for, significantly enhancing its app store presence.

  2. Top Keyword Rankings in 17 Weeks: Ten critical keywords secured top positions (1, 2, and 3) in just 17 weeks, boosting app visibility and discoverability.

  3. CPI Decrease: Through optimized advertising campaigns, we achieved a remarkable 480% decrease in CPI, making app acquisition more cost-effective.

  4. Increased Downloads: The optimization of advertising campaigns led to a significant increase in app downloads via inorganic means.

  5. Feature in the Store: Baby Panda Care gained popularity among kids and was featured in app stores, further boosting its visibility and downloads.


Our multifaceted approach successfully addressed the client’s challenge of reducing CPI, increasing organic presence, achieving keyword rankings, and initiating PR efforts. The remarkable 640% growth in keywords, rapid top keyword rankings, and decreased CPI demonstrate the effectiveness of our strategies. We remain committed to helping Baby Panda Care maintain its success and reach new heights in the competitive children’s app market.