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How Call Recorder App achieved conversion rate of 200%

Call Recorder App

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Call Recorder App

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In a fiercely competitive market, the Call Recorder App set out to distinguish itself. With a multitude of apps vying for user attention in this domain, Call Recorder faced the pressing challenge of rapidly attracting new users organically. 


Call Recorder found itself in a crowded marketplace, where visibility was paramount. The challenge was rapidly attracting new users organically and standing out amidst fierce competition. Meeting the business’s growth objectives relied heavily on expanding its user base through organic means.

Our Solution:

We were ready to tackle the challenge and devised a strategic approach to meet Call Recorder’s objectives.


  1. Keyword Optimization: We initiated a meticulous keyword optimization strategy. Through comprehensive keyword research and implementation, we aimed to boost Call Recorder’s visibility in app store searches.

  2. Content Marketing: A robust content marketing campaign was launched. This involved creating informative blog posts, articles, and guides related to call recording and privacy, all optimized for SEO. This not only attracted organic traffic but also positioned Call Recorder as an authority in the field.

  3. App Store Optimization (ASO): Our team optimized Call Recorder’s app store listing, refining its title, description, and visuals. This enhanced its appeal to potential users, increasing the likelihood of downloads.

Results and Outcomes:

The collaborative efforts yielded remarkable results:

  • 670% Keywords Growth (5 Months): Call Recorder experienced a remarkable 670% growth in the number of keywords for which they ranked. This translated into significantly improved visibility in app store search results.

  • 8 Keywords in the Top 10: Within a short span, we achieved a significant milestone, with eight critical keywords securing positions in the top 10 app store search results.

  • 200% Increase in Conversion Rates: The impact of our strategies was further validated as Call Recorder witnessed a substantial 200% increase in conversion rates. This meant not only attracting more users but also converting them into satisfied customers.


Call Recorder App’s transformation from a competitive market entrant to a standout performer is a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing. By optimizing keywords, launching a content marketing campaign, and refining app store presence, we propelled Call Recorder to new heights of organic user growth. This case study underscores the impact that a well-executed digital marketing strategy can have on user acquisition and conversion rates.