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How Catalogues Et Promotions increased its keyword rankings by 400%


increase in keyword ranking within 14 weeks


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Catalogues Et Promotions

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In the digital realm of localized shopping apps, Catalogues Et Promotions set out to establish a stronghold. Focused on the French market, their challenge was to rapidly enhance their organic presence and keyword rankings to boost organic conversion rates. This case study illuminates how we helped them achieve remarkable results in their quest.


Catalogues Et Promotions faced the challenge of increasing their organic visibility within the market. Their goal was to swiftly rank for relevant keywords and elevate their organic conversion rates. Success hinged on becoming more prominent among local users.

Our Solution:

We took up the challenge and crafted a comprehensive strategy to address Catalogues Et Promotions’ goals:


  1. Keyword Localization: We initiated keyword localization, focusing on French-language and English keywords relevant to the app’s offerings. This step ensured that Catalogues Et Promotions would be discovered more readily by local users.

  2. Content Optimization: A meticulous content optimization process followed. We fine-tuned the app’s description, title, and visuals to align with the preferences and expectations of the French-speaking audience.

  3. Keyword Ranking Strategy: Our team launched a keyword ranking strategy aimed at swiftly boosting the app’s visibility in app store search results. This involved a combination of keyword optimization and content marketing efforts.

Results and Outcomes:

Our concerted efforts delivered exceptional results:

  • 400% Increase in Keywords Rank (14 Weeks): Catalogues Et Promotions experienced a remarkable 400% surge in keyword rankings within just 14 weeks. This elevated their visibility among French-speaking users.

  • 13 Keywords in Top Positions: Within a short timeframe, we achieved a significant milestone, with 13 vital keywords securing top positions in app store search results.

  • Increase in Organic Conversion Rate: The impact of our strategies was evident as Catalogues Et Promotions witnessed a notable increase in their organic conversion rates. More users discovered the app and, importantly, converted into engaged customers.


Catalogues Et Promotions’ journey from a localized challenge to enhanced organic presence demonstrates the power of strategic digital marketing. By localizing keywords, optimizing content, and implementing a keyword ranking strategy, we successfully positioned Catalogues Et Promotions for success in the French market. This case study underscores the impact of a well-executed digital marketing strategy on organic visibility and conversion rates.