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How Fax.Plus achieved 550% keywords growth


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Alohi SA

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Fax.Plus- Recieve and Send Fax

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FAX.PLUS – Receive & Send Fax, an innovative mobile application, stands as a beacon of convenience. It allows users to acquire online fax numbers and effortlessly send and receive faxes directly from their smartphones. Faced with the challenge of boosting keyword rankings, FAX.PLUS turned to our expertise to illuminate their path to success.

Client Background:

FAX.PLUS has been a trailblazer in digital faxing, offering a seamless solution to individuals and businesses seeking efficient fax communication. However, despite their superior service, they competed in a crowded app marketplace, where visibility was essential for continued growth.

The Challenge:

FAX.PLUS, like many businesses in the digital sphere, recognized the importance of improved keyword rankings. Their challenge was to break through the noise of competitors and reach a broader audience. They needed to rise to the top of search results to thrive in the competitive app market.

Our Solution:

We devised a strategic plan to elevate FAX.PLUS’s keyword rankings and increase their online presence. Here’s how we executed our plan.


  1. Keyword Research: We initiated the project with meticulous keyword research. This in-depth analysis allowed us to pinpoint keywords and phrases that potential users were actively searching for.

  2. On-Page Optimization: To optimize FAX.PLUS’s website and content, we precisely integrated the identified keywords. This included fine-tuning meta titles and descriptions, and enhancing content to engage and inform visitors.

  3. Content Marketing: To establish FAX.PLUS as an authority in the field, we embarked on a content marketing journey. This involved crafting informative blog posts, articles, and guides related to online faxing, all meticulously optimized for SEO.

  4. Backlink Building: Building high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in the fax and technology sectors was a key strategy. This not only strengthened FAX.PLUS’s credibility but also propelled them up the search engine rankings.

Results and Outcomes:

Our concerted efforts produced remarkable results:

  • 550% Keywords Growth: In a relatively short time, FAX.PLUS experienced a staggering 550% increase in the number of keywords for which they ranked. This translated into heightened visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

  • 7 Keywords in the Top 10: Within just three months, our team achieved an impressive milestone, with seven crucial keywords securing positions in the top 10 search results. This prominent placement ensured that FAX.PLUS was readily visible to users actively seeking fax solutions.

  • Increase in Conversion Rates Organically: The effectiveness of our strategies was further confirmed as FAX.PLUS witnessed a substantial boost in conversion rates through organic traffic. More users discovered and engaged with the application, ultimately converting into satisfied customers.


Our partnership with FAX.PLUS exemplifies the potential for growth in even the most competitive app markets when armed with the right strategies and expertise. By implementing a holistic approach to SEO and digital marketing, we catapulted FAX.PLUS to the forefront of the online faxing industry. This case study underscores the significance of a strategic approach to keyword ranking growth, increased visibility, and enhanced conversion rates.