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How Fittastetic decreased its CPI by 48%

increase in keyword ranking


keywords ranked in the top 10 in 9 weeks


decrease in CPI


Depeur UG – Rezepte und mehr!

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FitTasteTic – Gesunde Rezepte

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Food & Drink

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In a competitive world of fitness apps, Fittastetic – Fitness Rezepte embarked on a journey to stand out and thrive. Their app offered a treasure trove of fitness recipes, but they faced fierce competition upon onboarding. Fittastetic’s goal was clear: scale their user acquisition campaigns and strengthen their organic presence in the app store. 


Fittastetic’s entry into the fitness app market was met with intense competition, more like a “dog eat dog” situation. They needed to scale their user acquisition efforts and enhance their visibility in the app store to secure a strong foothold in the industry. Challenges included standing out in a saturated market and acquiring a larger user base cost-effectively.

Our Solution:

We accepted the challenge and devised a strategic plan to empower Fittastetic. Here’s how we achieved it.


  1. Keyword Optimization: We began with meticulous keyword optimization. By identifying and incorporating relevant fitness and nutrition keywords, we ensured that Fittastetic’s app was more discoverable in app store searches.

  2. User Acquisition Campaigns: We revamped and expanded their user acquisition campaigns. This involved targeted advertising on various platforms to reach potential users interested in fitness recipes and nutrition.

  3. App Store Optimization (ASO): Our team optimized Fittastetic’s app store listing, including the app title, description, and visuals. This enhanced its appeal to users and improved its app store search results visibility.

  4. Content Marketing: We initiated a content marketing campaign to bolster their organic presence. This involved creating informative articles and blog posts about fitness, nutrition, and healthy recipes. These attracted organic traffic and positioned Fittastetic as an authority in the field.

Results and Outcomes:

The collaborative efforts led to remarkable outcomes:

  • 450% Increase in Keywords Ranking (12 Weeks): Fittastetic experienced an astounding 450% growth in the number of keywords for which they ranked. This elevated their visibility in app store searches, increasing the chances of discovery.

  • 48% Decrease in Cost Per Install (CPI): By optimizing user acquisition campaigns and targeting the right audience, we achieved a substantial 48% decrease in CPI, making user acquisition more cost-effective.

  • 15 Keywords in the Top 10 (9 Weeks): Within just nine weeks, we celebrated a significant milestone, with 15 crucial keywords securing positions in the top 10 app store search results.

  • Drastic Increase in Downloads: Perhaps the most telling result was the substantial increase in the number of app downloads. Fittastetic’s app became a go-to resource for fitness enthusiasts, translating our strategies into tangible success.


Fittastetic’s transformation from facing intense competition to becoming a dominant player in the fitness app arena is a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing. By optimizing keywords, refining user acquisition campaigns, and strengthening their organic presence, we catapulted Fittastetic to new heights of success. This case study illustrates the significant impact that a well-executed digital marketing strategy can have on user acquisition and app store visibility.