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How we helped FLYP achieve 700% keyword rank growth


keywords rank growth


keywords started ranking in top 10 in 6 weeks


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The Selling Company


FLYP: Sell Clothes With A Pro





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FLYP: Selling Clothes with a Pro is a unique app that sought to rapidly expand its user base while retaining its existing customers. The challenge was to attract new users organically while maintaining a strong user base. 

Client Background:

FLYP is an innovative platform that offers users the opportunity to sell clothes with the expertise of a professional. Their unique approach to online clothing sales set them apart in a competitive market.


The primary challenge for FLYP was to swiftly increase their user base through organic means while ensuring that their existing user base remained engaged and active. Achieving this balance was crucial for their growth and sustainability.

Our Solution:

Our team embarked on the challenge with a comprehensive strategy designed to meet FLYP’s objectives:


  1. Keyword Optimization: We initiated a comprehensive keyword optimization strategy to improve FLYP’s visibility in app store searches. This included meticulous keyword research and integration into the app’s metadata.

  2. Content Marketing: A content marketing campaign was launched to enhance organic presence. We created engaging blog posts and articles related to selling clothes professionally, optimized for SEO, to attract and inform potential users.

  3. User Engagement Strategies: To retain existing users and engage them actively, we implemented various strategies, including in-app notifications, personalized recommendations, and loyalty programs.

Results and Outcomes:

Our strategic efforts yielded remarkable results:

  • 700% Keywords Rank Growth: FLYP experienced an astounding 700% growth in keyword rankings, significantly improving its visibility in app store search results.

  • 40 Keywords in Top 10 (6 Weeks): In just six weeks, we achieved an impressive milestone, with 40 crucial keywords securing top positions in app store search results.

  • 65% Increase in New Organic Installs (8 Weeks): The impact of our strategies was profound, resulting in a substantial 65% increase in new organic installs within just eight weeks.

  • 45% Increase in Active Users: By engaging existing users effectively, we achieved a notable 45% increase in active users, contributing to FLYP’s growth.


FLYP: Selling Clothes with a Pro’s journey from user acquisition to user engagement exemplifies the power of strategic digital marketing. By optimizing keywords, executing a content marketing campaign, and implementing user engagement strategies, we successfully positioned FLYP for success.