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How Galarm attained 20000+ app downloads


app downloads


decrease in CPA


increase in active users


Acintyo, Inc

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Galarm: Alarms and Reminders

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  • App Store Optimization
  • User Acquisition
  • PR
  • iOS
  • Android


Galarm-Alarms and Reminders, operating in a highly competitive category, aimed to stand out by efficiently scaling their user acquisition efforts and increasing their organic presence. The challenge was to achieve this while maintaining a low Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Client Background:

Galarm-Alarms and Reminders is a versatile app that provides users with a comprehensive alarm and reminder solution to help them manage their daily schedules effectively.


With a crowded app marketplace, Galarm faced the daunting challenge of efficiently scaling their user acquisition campaigns while keeping their CPA low. Simultaneously, they aimed to boost their organic presence, ensuring long-term growth.

Our Solution:

We accepted the challenge and devised a strategy to meet Galarm’s dual objectives:


  1. User Acquisition Optimization: We revamped Galarm’s user acquisition campaigns, optimizing them for efficiency. This involved targeted advertising on various platforms to reach potential users interested in alarm and reminder apps.

  2. Keyword Optimization: We initiated keyword optimization to boost Galarm’s organic visibility within app stores. Through meticulous keyword research and integration, we aimed to improve its rankings in app store search results.

  3. App Store Optimization (ASO): Our team meticulously optimized Galarm’s app store listing, ensuring that the title, description, and visuals were compelling and attractive to potential users. This played a crucial role in improving the app’s overall appeal.

Results and Outcomes:

Our strategic efforts delivered impressive results:

  • 20,000+ App Downloads: Galarm witnessed a substantial increase in app downloads, reaching over 20,000 new users.

  • 75% Decrease in CPA: The optimization of user acquisition campaigns led to a significant 75% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition, making user acquisition more cost-effective.

  • 45% Increase in Active Users: By boosting their organic presence and optimizing user engagement strategies, Galarm saw a notable 45% increase in active users.


Galarm-Alarms and Reminders’ transformation from a competitive market entrant to a standout performer demonstrates the power of strategic digital marketing. By optimizing user acquisition, keywords, and app store presence, our team efforts positioned Galarm for success.