Case Study

How Goosebumps got 'featured'

Ghoosebumps Horror Town


game name

Goosebumps Horror Town: The Scariest Monster City

targeted country




  • App Store Optimization
  • Growth Hacking
  • iOS
  • Android


Goosebumps Horror Town: The Scariest Monster Story, an immersive horror-themed app, set out to grow its organic presence and establish a recognizable brand. The challenge was to increase downloads, improve visibility, and secure a coveted spot in the ‘Featured Category’ on both the Play Store and App Store. This case study illuminates how we contributed to achieving remarkable results for Goosebumps Horror Town.

Client Background:

Goosebumps Horror Town offers users an eerie, monster-filled adventure where they can build and manage their own horror town.


The primary challenge was to grow Goosebumps Horror Town’s organic presence and boost brand awareness. The app needed to attract more downloads and secure a spot in the ‘Featured Category’ on the Play Store and App Store, a recognition that would significantly elevate its visibility and credibility.

Our Solution:

We embraced the challenge and devised a comprehensive strategy to meet Goosebumps Horror Town’s goals:


  1. App Store Optimization (ASO): We embarked on an intensive ASO strategy, optimizing Goosebumps Horror Town’s app store listing. This involved refining the app’s title, description, and visuals to make it more appealing and discoverable to potential users.

  2. Content Marketing: We initiated a marketing campaign to engage and attract users interested in horror-themed apps. Informative blog posts, articles, and visuals were created to educate and entertain the target audience while optimizing for ASO.

  3. Growth Hacking Strategies: Our team implemented growth hacking strategies to boost downloads and user engagement. These included referral programs, user incentives, and virality tactics to attract a wider audience.

Results and Outcomes:

Our strategic efforts delivered impressive results:

  • Skyrocketed Downloads: Within six months of continuous ASO and Growth Hacking strategies, Goosebumps Horror Town experienced a significant download surge.

  • Featured Category Listing: The app secured a coveted spot in the ‘Featured Category’ on both the Play Store and App Store. This recognition dramatically improved visibility and credibility.


Goosebumps Horror Town’s journey from relative obscurity to a recognized and featured app underscores the power of strategic digital marketing. By optimizing its app store presence, implementing content marketing, and employing growth hacking strategies, our efforts successfully positioned Goosebumps Horror Town for success. This case study underscores the impact of a well-executed digital marketing strategy in achieving both organic presence and brand recognition.