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How Kidjo TV achieved 470% keyword growth in 18 weeks

Kidjo TV – Vidéos Jeux et Comptines

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Kidjo TV – Vidéos Jeux et Comptines

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Kidjo TV – Vidéos Jeux et Comptines is a French-language application that aimed to enhance its organic presence in Switzerland. The primary objective was to achieve high rankings in the app store and drive organic installs. 

Client Background:

Kidjo TV – Vidéos Jeux et Comptines is an app designed for French-speaking children, offering a variety of videos, games, and nursery rhymes.


The challenge was to increase Kidjo TV’s organic presence specifically in Switzerland. The goal was to secure high rankings in the app store and drive organic installs within a competitive market.

Our Solution:

We crafted a solution that aligned with Kidjo TV’s unique offerings:


  1. Localized Content: We initiated a strategy that included producing localized content specifically for the Swiss audience. This content was tailored to cater to the preferences and interests of Swiss children and their families.

  2. Keyword Optimization: Rigorous keyword optimization was carried out to improve Kidjo TV’s visibility in app store searches. This involved meticulous keyword research and integration into the app’s title, description, and metadata.

  3. User Engagement Strategies: To encourage organic installs and user retention, we implemented user engagement strategies within the app. This included personalized recommendations and rewards for active users.

Results and Outcomes:

Our creative approach delivered noteworthy results:

  • Increased Organic Presence: Kidjo TV witnessed a significant boost in its organic presence, with high rankings in the Swiss app store.

  • 470% Keywords Growth (18 Weeks): Through extensive keyword optimization, we achieved a remarkable 470% growth in keywords for which the app ranked, improving its visibility.

  • Increased Number of Installs (6 Months): Our strategy led to a notable increase in the number of organic installs within just six months.


Kidjo TV – Vidéos Jeux et Comptines’ journey from organic obscurity to high rankings and increased installs in Switzerland highlights the power of a creative digital marketing approach.