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How KOKO achieved 500% keywords ranking

Koko: Chat, Flirten& Dating

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Koko: Chat, Flirten & Dating

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Koko-Chat, Flirten & Dating, a German dating application, embarked on a journey with us when it was virtually invisible in the app store. With a meager 400+ downloads and no visibility, the challenge was to increase keyword rankings and boost conversions in a short period. 

Client Background:

Koko-Chat, Flirten & Dating is a German dating app catering to individuals seeking meaningful connections and relationships.


The primary challenge was to resurrect Koko’s presence in the app store. The app had negligible visibility, only 400+ downloads, and was struggling to attract users. The goal was to significantly improve keyword rankings, implement app localization, and boost organic conversions quickly.

Our Solution:

We devised a solution that hinged on creative app localization, catering to the unique needs of Koko-Chat, Flirten & Dating:


  1. App Localization: We initiated a comprehensive app localization strategy. This involved translating the app’s content, descriptions, and visuals to make them resonate with German-speaking users. We also incorporated culturally relevant elements to make the app more appealing.

  2. Keyword Optimization: Rigorous keyword optimization was carried out in the localized content to improve visibility in app store searches. This included meticulous research and integration of relevant keywords.

  3. Creative Content: To engage users and promote the app effectively, we designed creative content campaigns that emphasized the unique features and benefits of Koko. These campaigns were tailored to resonate with the German-speaking audience.

Results and Outcomes:

Our creative approach delivered impressive results:

  • 500% Keywords Growth: Through app localization and keyword optimization, we achieved a remarkable 500% growth in keywords for which the app ranked, significantly improving its visibility.

  • 52% Decrease in CPI: Efficient ad campaigns and the appeal of localized content led to a substantial 52% decrease in the Cost Per Install, making user acquisition more cost-effective.

  • Increase in Conversion Rates Organically: The combination of creative content, app localization, and keyword optimization resulted in a notable increase in organic conversion rates.


Koko-Chat, Flirten & Dating’s transformation from obscurity to prominence in the German dating app market exemplifies the power of creative app localization. By translating content, optimizing keywords, and crafting culturally relevant creative campaigns, we successfully revived the app’s presence.