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How MyPostcard improved it's ranking in their niche

MyPostcard Photo Postcard App & Greeting Cards App

MyPostcard Photo Postcard App & Greeting Cards App

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MyPostcard Photo Postcards and Greeting Cards App

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MyPostcard Photo Postcard App & Greeting Cards App offers users a unique way to send personalized postcards and greeting cards worldwide. The challenge was to develop a paid acquisition strategy tailored to boost app installs and active users. 

Client Background:

MyPostcard Photo Postcard App & Greeting Cards App is a versatile app that empowers users to create and send personalized postcards and greeting cards using their own photos and messages.


The challenge was creating a paid acquisition strategy that could increase app installs and drive engagement and active usage. MyPostcard needed to stand out in a competitive market and attract a dedicated user base.

Our Solution:

Our team of experts embraced the challenge and developed a tailored strategy:


  1. Niche Targeting: We conducted extensive research to identify a niche segment of users who would be highly interested in personalized postcards and greeting cards. This allowed us to focus our paid acquisition efforts effectively.

  2. Creative Ad Campaigns: We designed creative and engaging ad campaigns that highlighted the app’s unique features. We focused on visual storytelling, showcasing how MyPostcard can make special moments even more memorable.

  3. A/B Testing: We continuously conducted A/B testing to refine our ad creatives, targeting options, and messaging. This allowed us to optimize our paid acquisition campaigns for maximum impact.

Results and Outcomes:

Our tailored approach delivered impressive results:

  • Niche Segment Growth: By targeting a niche segment, MyPostcard saw a significant increase in downloads and active users. The strategy attracted users who were genuinely interested in the app’s offerings.

  • Overall Ranking Improvement: Our focused approach contributed to an overall ranking improvement in app stores. MyPostcard became more discoverable to users searching for personalized postcard and greeting card solutions.


MyPostcard Photo Postcard App & Greeting Cards App’s journey from a competitive field to a niche leader demonstrates the power of a tailored paid acquisition strategy. By identifying a niche, creating creative ad campaigns, and continuously optimizing, we successfully positioned MyPostcard for success.