Case Study

How QR Scanner Rewards achieved 440% keywords growth in 2 months

QR Scanner Rewards – Loyalty Card App


app name

QR Scanner Rewards – Loyalty Card App

targeted country

USA and Singapore



  • App Store Optimization
  • Growth Hacking
  • iOS
  • Android


This case study showcases how our app marketing agency successfully revitalized the organic presence of QR Scanner Rewards – Loyalty Card App in the face of formidable competition. Our efforts led to a remarkable 440% growth in keywords within a span of just two months.

Client Background:

QR Scanner Rewards – Loyalty Card App is a mobile application designed to streamline loyalty card management for users. The app entered the market during a challenging period, facing stiff competition in two distinct markets.


The client approached our agency during a critical phase in the app’s journey when it was experiencing its lowest point. The primary challenge was to boost the organic presence of the application in two different markets, despite the fierce competition it encountered.

Our Solution:

To address the client’s formidable challenge, our app marketing agency developed a multifaceted strategy:

  1. Market Analysis: We conducted in-depth market research to understand the unique dynamics and demands of the two target markets.

  2. Keyword Strategy: A comprehensive keyword strategy was devised, targeting relevant and high-impact keywords specific to each market.

  3. Content Optimization: We optimized the app’s store listings, including title, description, and visuals, to align seamlessly with the chosen keywords.

  4. User Engagement Tactics: Strategies were implemented within the app to enhance user engagement and encourage positive reviews and ratings.

  5. Performance Tracking: Continuous monitoring of keyword rankings and user feedback allowed for real-time adjustments.


  • Market analysis provided crucial insights into market trends and consumer behavior.
  • Keyword strategy involved meticulous keyword selection and optimization.
  • Content optimization included rewriting store listings for maximum impact.
  • User engagement tactics featured in-app prompts and incentives.
  • Performance tracking was an ongoing process, necessitating regular updates and adjustments.

Results and Outcomes:

The implementation of our strategies delivered outstanding results in just two months:

  1. 440% Keywords Growth: QR Scanner Rewards – Loyalty Card App experienced a phenomenal 440% growth in keywords it ranked for, substantially increasing its organic presence.


In the face of intense competition and during a challenging period, our app marketing agency successfully transformed QR Scanner Rewards – Loyalty Card App’s organic presence. The exceptional 440% growth in keywords is a testament to the efficacy of our strategies. We remain committed to sustaining and further enhancing the app’s presence in these competitive markets.