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How Rivers Casino increased their keyword ranking to 450% in less than 3 months


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This case study showcases how we successfully boosted the organic presence of Rivers Casino Pittsburgh, an online casino game, in the UK market. Facing a unique challenge in a different segment, we achieved remarkable results, including a 450% growth in keyword rankings and the emergence of four keywords in the top 10 positions within just seven weeks, all while improving conversion rates.

Client Background:

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh offers an online casino gaming experience. The client aimed to expand its organic presence in the UK market, which presented a distinct set of challenges.


The primary challenge was to enhance Rivers Casino Pittsburgh’s visibility in the UK market, which has its own nuances and competition dynamics, despite it being a different segment from the traditional casino offerings.

Our Solution:

To tackle this unique challenge, we devised a targeted solution:

  1. Market Analysis: We conducted in-depth market research specific to the UK, identifying trends and preferences in the online gaming segment.

  2. Keyword Optimization: Extensive keyword research helped us identify high-impact keywords, which we integrated into the app store listing and content.

  3. Content Enhancement: We optimized the app’s store listing, including title, description, and visuals, to align with the selected keywords.

  4. User Engagement Tactics: Strategies were employed to boost user engagement within the app, encouraging positive reviews and ratings.

  5. Performance Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of keyword rankings and user feedback enabled real-time adjustments.


  • Market analysis guided our approach in the UK market.
  • Keyword optimization involved integrating targeted keywords.
  • Content enhancement aligned store listings with chosen keywords.
  • User engagement strategies included in-app prompts and incentives.
  • Ongoing performance monitoring allowed us to adapt and optimize strategies.

Results and Outcomes:

Our implemented strategies delivered impressive results:

  1. 450% Keywords Rank Growth: Rivers Casino Pittsburgh achieved a remarkable 450% growth in keyword rankings, significantly enhancing its organic presence in the UK.

  2. Top Keyword Rankings in 7 Weeks: Four crucial keywords secured positions in the top 10 within just seven weeks, boosting the app’s visibility.

  3. Increase in Conversion Rate: Our strategies led to an increase in the conversion rate, translating to more users engaging with the app.


In a unique segment within the online casino gaming industry, we successfully increased Rivers Casino Pittsburgh’s organic presence in the UK market. The remarkable 450% growth in keyword rankings, rapid top keyword rankings, and improved conversion rate demonstrate the effectiveness of our strategies. We remain committed to helping Rivers Casino Pittsburgh maintain and expand its presence in this competitive market.