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How we helped Toon Poker create 100+ backlinks and 30% keyword growth in store localization

Toon Poker Free Texas Online Card Game

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Toon Poker Free Texas Online Card Game





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Toon Poker Free Texas Online Card Game, a non-English app, sought the expertise of AppFillip to improve its presence and rankings in English-speaking markets. The challenge included enhancing keyword rankings, submitting reviews, and building backlinks to enhance ASO rankings. 

Client Background:

Toon Poker Free Texas Online Card Game is a card game app catering to non-English speaking audiences, primarily in Thailand and South Asia.


The primary challenge was to boost the app’s presence in English-speaking markets. This involved optimizing ASO for English app stores, obtaining reviews, and building backlinks to improve rankings. The app needed to make a mark in a market where English was not the primary language.

Our Solution:

We devised a solution that focused on creative ASO optimization and backlink strategies tailored to Toon Poker:


  1. Google Play ASO Optimization: We implemented an ASO strategy tailored for English app stores. This involved fine-tuning the app’s title, description, and visuals to make it more appealing and discoverable to English-speaking users.

  2. Review Submission: We undertook a review submission campaign targeting top-ranked review sites. Genuine user reviews were submitted to improve app credibility and encourage downloads.

  3. Backlink Building: Our team submitted Toon Poker Free Texas Online Card Game to over 100 websites with backlinks. These backlinks served to enhance the app’s ASO ranking, improving its visibility.

Results and Outcomes:

Our creative approach delivered notable results:

  • 25-30% Growth in English Store Keywords: Through ASO optimization and backlink strategies, we achieved a significant 25-30% growth in keywords for which the app ranked, significantly improving its visibility in English-speaking markets.

  • Optimized ASO for English Stores: The app’s ASO was successfully optimized for English stores, making it more appealing to English-speaking users.

  • Successful Review Submission: We obtained genuine user reviews, enhancing the app’s credibility and encouraging downloads.


Toon Poker Free Texas Online Card Game’s transformation from a non-English app to one with a significant presence in English-speaking markets exemplifies the power of creative ASO and backlink strategies. By optimizing ASO, obtaining reviews, and building backlinks, we successfully positioned the app for success.