Case Study

How we helped Typs rank in top positions in app store

Typs: Text Messages For Dating

Textfeed, Inc

app name

Typs: Text Messages For Dating

targeted country

Los Angeles, California



  • App Store Optimization 
  • Growth Hacking
  • iOS


This case study showcases how we achieved remarkable results for Typs: Text Messages For Dating, an application that offers a collection of dating text message lines. Our challenge was to secure a top 3 ranking in the app store while increasing organic conversion rates, despite fierce competition in the dating app segment.

Client Background:

Typs: Text Messages For Dating is an innovative app designed to assist users in composing engaging text messages for dating apps. The client aimed to achieve a top 3 ranking in the app store while improving organic conversion rates.


The primary challenge was to overcome intense competition in the dating app segment and secure a top 3 ranking in the app store while simultaneously boosting organic conversion rates.

Our Solution:

To address this formidable challenge, we devised a tailored solution:

  1. Competitor Analysis: We conducted an in-depth analysis of competing dating apps to identify trends and opportunities.

  2. Keyword Strategy: We selected high-impact keywords relevant to dating and integrated them into the app’s store listing.

  3. Content Enhancement: We improved the app’s store listing, including the title, description, and visuals, to align with the chosen keywords and resonate with users seeking dating text messages.

  4. User Engagement Tactics: Strategies were implemented to enhance user engagement within the app, encouraging users to leave positive reviews and ratings.

  5. Performance Tracking: Continuous monitoring of keyword rankings and user feedback allowed us to make real-time adjustments for optimal results.


  • Competitor analysis guided our approach to understanding the dating app segment.
  • Keyword strategy involved selecting and integrating relevant keywords.
  • Content enhancement improved store listings to align with user expectations.
  • User engagement strategies targeted user satisfaction and feedback.
  • Ongoing performance monitoring facilitated timely optimizations.

Results and Outcomes:

Our efforts led to impressive results:

  1. 5 Major Keywords in Top 10 in 9 Weeks: Typs: Text Messages For Dating saw five critical keywords securing positions in the top 10 within just nine weeks, significantly improving its visibility and discoverability.

  2. Increase in Conversion Rates Organically: Our strategies led to an increase in organic conversion rates, indicating a more engaged and satisfied user base.


In the face of intense competition in the dating app segment, we successfully helped Typs: Text Messages For Dating secure a top 3 ranking in the app store while boosting organic conversion rates. The achievement of five major keywords in the top 10 positions and the improved organic conversion rates are a testament to the effectiveness of our strategies. We remain committed to helping Typs maintain and expand its presence in this competitive market.