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Our Client Baby bus offer a wide range of learning categories to become your children's best companion to knowledge and fun!

Our main goal is client satisfaction it gets some great achievements.One of the most challenging part was user engagement and to achieve this we run apple search ads and google ads campaign


March 13, 2018


BabyBus Kids Games


May 23, 2018


BabyBus Kids Games

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Our teams are up to date with the latest technologies, media trends and are keen to prove themselves.

BabyBus focuses on meeting the educational needs of preschool children. All apps are divided into two age groups, the Starter Series for toddlers and the Prodigy Series for children 3 year and older. It is our goal to make learning a fun task for children and make the apps popular in the kids category so every kids and toddler use the apps.
To achieve this we first connected to mom bloggers and then we approach popular kids apps review websites.
One of the most challenging part was user engagement and to achieve this we run ads campaign

1. Challenges

The app was suffering to acquire users in the crowded market And the team was looking for someone who can provide them a right way or guide them for proper solution

2. Solution

The baby bus is renewed name in kids gaming and to complete the task of user acquisition we help them using many proven marketing strategy .
our team prepared a solid plan and after following all they got huge success

3. Results

Today the app is popular among the audience and Getting god response in the market
More than 25+Keywords into TOP 100 on Play Store
We are proud to announce, Baby Bus is a favorite game Studio of kids as it holds a special place in kids genre .

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