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IQ Test Pro Edition

Our Client IQ Test Pro Edition is the Best Way To Know Your IQ!
IQ Test Pro Edition. 2 Different Tests With solutions .The IQ Test was suffering from low web visibility and our package app review submission help them to gain visibility.

Through our initial analysis, we assessed the end-users that run this application, when they are the most engaged, and what their preferences are. We optimized the App Store according to our observation and ran multiple campaigns on social channels.


Our teams are up to date with the latest technologies, media trends and are keen to prove themselves. We created a new strategy for keyword and phrase targeting. By collaborating with IQ Test, Appfillip was able to integrate popular search terms that were relevant to the IQ Test features given in the appʼs on-page description. These terms were used in a way that was consistent with the appʼs branding, which helped increase conversion in their target markets. Since we began, the app downloads have jumped by 200%.

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