Adult Painting & Coloring App

Loco – Color Paint, Art Book

Our Client Loco color book app is suitable for all age group users including children’s and adults. Enjoy the coloring, painting designs & pattern anytime and anywhere in this color book app. Craft the colorful images. Just use your skill and make colorful images as a painter..The app was suffering for initial boost up and with our team efforts now the app is ranking well on both store.Our main goal is client satisfaction to gets some great achievements.

1) More than 40+Keywords into TOP 100 on App Store
2) This app got lots of positive ratings and reviews on Both iOS and Android
3) This app is loved by Kids & adults very much.

Our main goal is client satisfaction it gets some great achievements.We improve app visibility using organic search ranking


JAN, 2019


Amit Patel


JUNE 2019


Amit Patel

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Our teams are up to date with the latest technologies, media trends and are keen to prove themselves.

Our App Expert suggested an overhaul of Loco s online presence and we presented them with a comprehensive plan to be rolled out in three stages.

Phase 1 was related to a complete redesign of their existing icon and screenshots. In Phases 2 and 3, we would begin extensive ASO activity along with beginning organic campaigns for Loco through ASO and then we moved to Some Facebook and Google campaign to gain more users for the app

1. Challenges

The app was suffering to acquire users in the crowded market And the team was looking for someone who can provide them a right way or guide them for proper solution

2. Solution

Loco app was suffering from low web visibility and our complete app marketing service help them to gain visibility .Higher visibility and more downloads through optimization of the app’s presence in the App Store.

3. Results

The team enhanced the search appearance result from the rank of just 4 to 25! Thus shooting the visibility graphs to the highest impact the number of downloads on both Apple Store and PlayStore.

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