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1000 App Store Install (Worldwide)

$650.00 $540.00

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Have you Developed an App And now Want users For Downloads. Let’s Take A Look at Our Worldwide App Store Incentivized App Downloads Packages (App CPI Campaign), which provide you with No of Downloads Whatever you Like According To Your Choice. These Downloads will come from real device & users. Additionally, we will send you to install report including area, device id.
** Terms & Condition For This Package
1: CPI based on install those will 100% real but we not guarantee for active users.
2: CPI Valid for Free apps if your app paid. click here
3: Duration 10-15 working days.
4: Approx 70-80% install from Asia
Incentivized installs: The main advantage of sponsored installs lies within the masses of installs you can quickly generate. Implementing rather simple targeting methods, you are able to address a fairy relevant user base and boost the number of installs very quickly.
Moreover, another crucial advantage is that they are extremely cost-effective, as Cost-Per-Install (CPI) for rewarded installs is significantly lower than that of non-rewarded CPI.
These installs help to Influence on top list rankings.
Note: Its Incentivized installs users may install your app only for the reward, and uninstall it a few days later. Maximum 16000 installs worldwide.


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