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Halloween Special – Witch on Broom Social Media

$349.00 $199.00

Guaranteed Results on Social Media. This package including —

#1:  1K likes/followers on the Facebook page.

#2:  1K Follower on the Twitter profile.

#3:  1K Followers on the Instagram profile.

#4: Posting on iOS & Android users Facebook groups ( There +50k members )

#5: There monthly thousand hits by iPhone & Android users.

#6: 20 Rating & review for iOS Or an Android app

Note: We will boost one post on one platform that means 500 likes on Facebook or 500 favorites on Twitter /Instagram. 

Duration: 1 week 



The Halloween Special – Witch on Broom Social Media package specially designed to increase app social media presence. This package support for both apps and business. With social media marketing, you can give new wings to your promotion. You will get likes on Facebook & followers on Twitter.


#1: What is the meaning of increase social media presence?

Answer: Increase social media presence means we will increase the number of likes & followers fans on your social media page. There guarantee for a number of likes and followers.

#2: What are the benefits of social media presence?

Answer: With the help of Social Media presence your app get promoted in an efficient manner.

#3: Which social media channel you cover?

Answer: We will cover Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram profiles.

#4: How many numbers  for each channel

Answer: You can see minimum 1K  for each platform  (Worldwide)

#5: What you will do and how this package will work?

Answer: We will boost the likes and followers for your post on different social media channels like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. There will be no management from our side.

#6: What you means by boost and how it will work?

Answer: We will boost one post on any social media platform(it may be Facebook or twitter or Instagram)
you can choose on  post and it will get 500 likes or retweets



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