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Turbo Charge – Mobile App Social Media

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For most businesses, generating leads is the ultimate benefit of creating and maintaining a social media presence. The same applies for apps also.As any new app launch in the market, very few people know about it. Social media is a platform which can help them.
But first things first: In order to make social media an effective lead generation machine, you first need to generate a following. This means fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and your other social media accounts.
The more fans and followers you have for your social media presence, the better reach you’ll have. And better reach means the potential to generate more leads. So at the very core of social media for lead generation, you must take steps to increase your reach.

Note:In account management we will post 2-3 post during the time period


Boost your mobile app social media presence everywhere. We are offering special service to Turbo Charge Social Media presence on all leading social media platform. Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining more traffic on App Store or attention customers through social media sites. It promotes your app on top social media sites so that people engage with your app world widely.
Our Turbo Charge Social Media Package Include:-

  • Social Media Account Setup & Management (FB, Twitter, Instagram )
  • App Submission on popular groups(Facebook groups).
  • 1000+Likes on Facebook
  • 1000+ followers on Twitter
  • 1000+ followers on Instagram

Building your social media reach will not take longer time with our services
Note: (we also offer social media management for all your accounts at reasonable price )


Duration : 5-7 Working days


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