5 Tips to Successful Pre–Launch App Marketing Strategy

Without perfect marketing strategies, nothing can be gain. So Pre-launch app marketing is an effective way to make good mobile app business promotion. Even the revenues can be double through applying effective pre-launch app marketing strategies.
Pre-Launch App Marketing is the creative form of marketing where you can easily market your application through best techniques before launching an app. Also, mobile Application Marketing is a helpful way to get maximum return on your application development cost.

Mobile App Marketing is divided into two types;
Pre-Launch Mobile App Marketing
Post-Launch Mobile App Marketing
This source is about Pre-Launch Mobile App marketing strategies, you can see some considerable Pre-Launch Strategies here.

#Analysis Your App Competitors with Market Research

Market research and analysis about your competitors is very important to get perfect success in any business field. Same is here in app marketing you need to analysis and market research on your app market competitors. In the beginning, you should decide for whom you are developing the app.

It means you have an idea about your audience and why they would download your app. And accordingly create a marketing strategy. At this moment you have to seriously study others opinions, but don’t rely only on your friends and family. Try to reach important persons in the industry related to your app and focus on your target customers.

#Do the Best ASO To Optimize Your App Store Page

Just to make an app is not enough to connect it’s with your targeted media. Additionally, you need to optimize your app at the top in-app store using ASO techniques. The use of ASO is to optimize your app in app store. When someone is interested in your app then defiantly he will search your app on the app store to download and install it.

ASO is a process of optimizing mobile apps to boost ranking in the app store. The visibility of the app is directly proportional to the app ranking i.e. the more ranking of app leads to more visibility of application in the app store.

Get important tips to do best ASO for your app.

  1. App Title: The name of your app is App title, which must be relevant to your app work category. The app title has fix limits. For iOS App it is 50 characters in App Store and for Android App, it is 255 characters in Play Store.
  2. App Icon: The app icon must be neat and clean. Additionally, it must be relevant to the app with no text at all.
  3. Keywords: Keywords are those words which users mostly search in a search engine. Keywords are the good way to get high traffic on your app. It makes easy to optimize the app if keywords are also relevant to your app.
  4. Screenshots: Screenshots of your app will show all information about your app in an image. Use minimum 5 screenshots of your apps different stages to get better results of your app optimization.Screenshots: Screenshots of your app will show all information about your app in an image. Use minimum 5 screenshots of your apps different stages to get better results of your app optimization.
  5. Description: Write a clear and informative description of your app so that users get attracted. Explain detail about all key factor of your app in the app description.
  6. Video: Make a short video around 30 seconds to 1 Minute, which it must be enough to explain the working of your app. It’s so simple and effective way to invite users for your app installation.

#Viral A Story In Targeted Media Before your App Release Date

At social media and targeted media, viral a story about your app before few days of your app launching date. It’s made crazy and excited to get your app. The story can also be made viral using a press release. Write articles and submit it to the popular websites.

Through a press release put news about your app. The service of Press release writing and distribution service helps a lot in app marketing to gain valuable attention.

# Landing Page And App Sites

A landing page is just like as a single page website, which is also known as App Site. I recommend putting all the information related to the app on the landing page. These kinds of information will be like screenshots, link to download app, screenshots, and videos. This is very much helpful in attracting media to download and install the app.

Landing page (App Site) must be designed in very attractive and provide all social links of an app. With your landing page, you must remember the three areas you should be continuously focusing on are:

  • Driving users to your site for app download and install
  • Shaving the conversion funnel
  • Increasing vitality of app.

#Use A Content Marketing Strategy :

Have a system in place where you can manage your content. A few vital parts of content management include content creation, content publication, and content analytics. So the content marketing strategy will also be beneficial.

Ensure that your content marketing program flows in continuous and remains on target. Keep on revisiting the core topics on an annual basis.

#Stay Connected with Targeted media using Social media

You may attach to your social handles. You must get an appropriate and a decent name for your application on Facebook and Twitter. Keep an open on new social sites to future proof you from changes in the social paradigm. People would soon use it usefully to utilize that effectively for mobile app promotion. Moreover, You can also use some other most popular social sites like Quora, LinkedIn etc. Use your social network to promote your app and generate a big buzz.

  • Facebook: Develop a list of Facebook pages relevant to your niche. Think of something you can offer them they would be interested in a return to sharing your app. Also, that may be running a contest and free access to 10 of the winners to your premium features?
  • Twitter: Find the keywords you think your target audience might be using in their tweets. Check out Photography and Wallpapers in Twitter search and see what happens. Also, you can use Twitter Search, Monitoring, & Analytics that will tell you the number of tweets for a specific keyword on Twitter.
  • Blog Commenting: Seeks those blogs which are relevant to your app in the space. Additionally, identify the opportunity to add value by commenting on relevant blogs that makes sense.


Finally, we have mentioned all important tips for pre-launch app marketing on this blog. Anyone can use these tips to promote app with pre-launch app marketing. These tips are very helpful to make your app popular before launching.

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