How To Choose Right Keywords For App Store Optimization?

Over the last few years, if you are publishing mobile apps, then you must hear about the app store optimization i.e. ASO. It is the practice of developing index mobile app listings in the app stores. So your app appears in relevant app store search results.

Each app listing elements have limits of characters and it creates an impact that how an app is indexed to varying degrees. It is common that if the app title or name is keyword rich, Google and Apple both weight that more than short description fields.

App Store Search & Web Search Compared
The ability to type on a smaller screen or it may affect searches, the key difference between app store search & web search appears to be user intent.

App Store vs Web Results 
Search for “restaurant” in Apple’s App Store, and then again if you are using Safari mobile. Then the web browser will show extraordinary results between them. Apple & Google are clearly expecting that a mobile user can search the app stores except for anyone type of results. It is a different set of results when searching on the web, even if from the same mobile device.

Latest ASO tricks

Related Keywords/Phrases in App Store vs Web

The photo editing for mobile app building, it targets the keyword list for their app store listing. In Google Keyword Planner–The related keywords & phrases for a web search for “edit photos” that are shown in the figure:

As follows, the software will show the relevant keywords and phrases in the app store search.

Build your app listing targeting keywords and phrases for web search

The goal for your app listing is in a relevant in-app store search. It starts by targeting the words & phrases used by users in the app store search. The app store search results are different from web search results, it related to keywords & phrases appear different.

App store search breaks into two categories:

  1. Feature-based phrases–The vast majority about 80% of app store searches are multi-word phrases about features
  2. Brands–The balance being for specific brands.

To build your App Store Optimization strategy on ultimately, select the keywords and phrases. That means using of available space in the app listing. Make a keyword matrix with each keyword supporting the larger goal of building coverage for relevant 2-3 word phrases.
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