The App Store Optimization: Increasing Conversions

ASO or App Store Optimization is a way of to get app ranking in the search result page. In simple words, it is a process of optimizing app to get higher ranking in the app store. This ultimately results in increasing visibility of the app in the app store. The App Store SEO is a key to unlock the way to reach app ranking.
There are millions of mobile apps in the app store and Google Play Store. It’s the biggest issue to find the app which mobile app owners are facing today. There is an algorithm on basis of which any app is getting the rank in the app store. There are some of the factors which are responsible for app ranking. It is mandatory to work on each of these factors weighing in the algorithm. For example, app name, keywords, review, rating and app bundles name.
For example, it is extremely important to match the most appropriate keywords to be found. Keywords with high search volume, highly relevant and have low competitions are always the best keywords. This whole process is called as App Store Optimization in short ASO.

App Store Optimization

#Increase Conversion

It’s all about words to increase the conversation on app store optimization. Using of the right word in describing your app is best way to convey the right message. There should be analyzing of similar words and phrases which are used by your competitors.

Working on conversion rate optimization (CRO) can increase the conversion. Adding creativity and beautiful crafting is always the most externally-visible component of CRO. The whole of the scenario should be such that it can convert store visitors into downloads.

 #App Icon

App icon seems small but keeps in mind that it is extremely important. The icon should be attractive, trendy & eye-catching. Additionally, it should be professional and trustworthy for mobile users. It acts as a symbol of your brand, so make sure it is simple but still positioning your brand well. Be different! This may help in hike the download and ratings of your app. the icon should be clean, simple and also should be relevant to your app.

Rather than optimizing app in isolation, there should be research on competitor app icon. Analyzing of the icon aspects helps a lot. This is also useful in making your icon more appealing in the lab v/s real world.

#App Screenshots

To get the app preview, screenshots are best and direct methods. There is a vital importance of screenshots to CRO, especially in the case of iOS apps. In that, screenshots are appearing in the App Store search.

Screenshots of your app will show all information about your app in an image. Use minimum 5 screenshots of your apps different stages to get better results of your app optimization.
Most of the users do not scroll all the screenshots. Mind it sure that your first few screenshots are enough to explain features of app. It is because; in case if user does not scroll all screenshots then also he or she can get good impression about the app.

#App Title

App Title is App name which must be relevant to the app work category. The tile is having fix limit and that is 50 characters for Android and 30 characters for iOS.

App Titles are very much important because from that only users get to know that what the app is all about, especially for Android apps, where screenshots do not show. Additionally, your app title will be fruitful to build a preview of your app outside of the App Store channels, text messages, including social shares, ads. This means that for CRO, keywords are important in both aspects i.e. inside and outside.
Some app marketers get to know that App Title is one of the most important factors for getting ranking. So it should be made clear that title must include relevant keywords. It should be clear with good readability.

#App Video / App Preview

Make a short video around 30 seconds to 1 Minute, which it must be enough to explain the working of your app. It’s so simple and effective way to invite users for your app installation.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. App owners can create a demo video of the app performance and upload it to YouTube. The length of video should be less than a minute and it must highlight all the features and function of the app.
The video should be less than a minute and highlight all the state-of-the-art features and functions of the app. Make it informative and entertaining as much as you can.
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#App Size

Some of the apps are expected to be larger. In that case, there are problems of storage space and download bandwidth. In this way app size is also a factor for conversion rates. In fact, one study by Segment on the conversion rate of an app that was released multiple times at multiple file sizes found that increasing the size of the app reduced conversion rate by up to 66%.

#App Localization –

People normally do when localizing their app to penetrate new countries around the world, is simply directly translate their app title and description. This is a huge mistake that can hold you back from getting discovered in these app stores. Including visuals, the localization process should take into account every aspect of the app. You must hire a professional person who can write the description relevant to your app with keywords. It is also very much helpful in mobile app optimization.

So this is all about ASO optimization which is very much beneficial for app store ranking. Hope you get useful information through this blog. Kindly share your comments in the below section regarding App Store Optimization.

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