Apple Event September 2018, Knows Everything Here

On next 12th September Apple will hold its next big Apple Event.  As we all know Apple, one of the reputed companies in the world has its own event. It does not take part in the other big events. In these events, it discloses about its products in front of the press and other professionals. It will be its annual event at Steve Jobs Theater on Apple Park Campus. Moreover, Apple already sent the invitation to the press on 20th Aug and this invitation is in the form of a golden circle. The meaning of this is “Gather Round”. The Apple Event Time will be 10 AM Pacific time. Here is the event list which we expect to be coming out at the event.

Apple Event Here to Know:

Three iPhones:

The rumors are all about the two models which are similar to the iPhone X this will be a larger one. This will be the best to be thought of as the “S” model.

We can expect that Apple will show three new iPhones each will be including Face ID. There is a 5.8 inch OLED version of iPhone X which is expected to be around $899. Another will be a 6.5 inch OLED version whose cost can be around $999. The third one will be a 6.1-inch device with the LCD screen.  The color of the iPhone X can be gold. All the three iPhones will not come in bezels like iPhone X. There will be also an end of the Touch ID home button.

It is also expecting that Apple will use the 7-nanometer TSMC-manufactured A12 chip. This will be 10 per cent faster as compared to the A11. So defiantly it will speed up the processing of the coming device.

Apple Watch Series 4:

This apple Watch series 4 will come in increasing size. It will increase the heart rate detection as the new watch will also have solid state buttons. In September 2015, the first Apple Watch was introduced.  On an Apple Watch Series 4, there will be a slightly larger display. The only expectation about this can be of better fitness and health tracking feature and long battery life.

iPad Pro:

Currently, we see two iPad Pro upgrades with face ID and no home button. There is an 11-inch version in the new model. There are 12.9-inch version and 10.5 inches of the new model. The touch ID sensor is likely to drop and it will be more like iPhone X appearance. The headphone jack will also be eliminated and there will be a new connector near the charging port.

Apple TV:

Usually, Apple does not release Apple TV on every year in its events. In the year 2015 and 2017, Apple announces two TV’s which were Apple TV and Apple TV 4K. So this time also it can’t be said infix manner that whether there will be a new announcement or not.

AirPods 2:

Talking about the AirPods there is a lot of rumor about the successor. In the September 2016, the first AirPods were introduced. This time we can only expect that there could be better sound quality, shorter stems, longer battery life and also active noise cancellation.

Apple special event:

Taking back moments, there were events in October month in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016. Apple hasn’t skipped two years in a row. The rumors and expectation can be all about the good up gradation in the product. Finally, let’s see what comes out at Apple Event.

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