Benefits of User-Generated Content for App Promotion

benefits of user generated content

Every app has its unique features, and functionality and has its own USP(unique selling point) to attract the user. Posting reviews and sharing valuable experiences and opinions, termed ‘user-generated content,’ is a trend.”

These are essential to make your target users aware of your app in the most authentic way possible. The UGC contains numerous potentials to grow your app and the benefits of user-generated content are also impressive!

So, what is holding you back from exploring such an amazing technique to increase your app’s reach?

What is UGC(User-generated Content)?

user generated content

User-generated content (UGC) comprises text, images, videos, reviews, or testimonials shared by users rather than a particular brand.

Various Forms of UGC 

Social media posts- Through social posts, tweets, or stories shared by users on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Reviews and testimonials– The reviews and user testimonials provide feedback that is valuable for the user to create a viewpoint about your app. 

Blogs and articles– User-generated blogs or articles provide an authentic source that helps users make informed decisions.

What are the Benefits of User-Generated Content?

benefits of user generated content

The advantages of UGC are numerous and are very useful for the user as well as the app maker to understand the mindset of the user after experiencing their particular app for a specific period. Additionally, utilizing a UGC agency can further enhance these benefits.

Improve Conversion and Retention Rates 

The conversion, as well as retention rates, increase as the UGC promotes the app in such a way that creates a long-lasting impression in the mind of the user and that excites the user to install it or come back again on the app for re-engagement. 


Using user-generated content (UGC) provides a cost-effective means to promote your app and achieve a wider reach compared to other methods that require large sums of money to be invested.

It provides a vast pool of content created by the users to tap into. Also provides a wide range of perspectives of the user bringing their unique creativity, and experience to a central stage. 

Community Building 

UGC strengthens community building. By sharing their experiences and opinions on similar interests, users connect and develop a community that encourages such collective interest.

Insights and Feedback

The insights and authority get built as the UGC acts as an authentic source and direct users initiate this without any third-party involvement. 

The user provides an unbiased review of the app usage and that acts as a guideline for others.

Social Proof 

Using user-generated content (UGC) for app marketing establishes social proof that proves advantageous in the long run. UGC demonstrates to potential users that existing users are satisfied and happily engaged with your app.

Greater Reach 

UGC provides an opportunity for your app to gain a wider reach and acquire a loyal user base if the content reaches the target audience effectively and creates a positive image of your app in their mind.

Best Practices of User-generated Content 

The advantages of user-generated content are numerous, some of them are listed below:- 

Build a Community 

User-generated content helps in building the community around your app and helps you convince them to use your app and explore it in a better manner. Community building helps in encouraging the culture of experience sharing and realistic environment creation for the app users.

Be Authentic

The key to successful user-generated content creation is to be original. The original experience and reviews generate a sense of trustworthiness that is beneficial for other app users. 

Have a Clear CTA 

CTA or call to action should be made in a clear short and interactive tone to attract the user to connect with you further. The advantage of having a clear CTA is beneficial as it invites the user in the best way possible, taking into consideration the user’s interest.

Promote Positive and Inclusive Content 

Promote positive and inclusive content to encourage a wider audience to participate, generate a positive narrative about your app, and also create a positive and loyal community around your app, which is beneficial in the long run.

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