Best app marketing research tools which are effective

App Downloads & Revenue Tracking:-After launch, the app one must want to know how many people have downloaded my app or how many using my app. App Annie is not only a great tool to do app market research and validate your app idea, it’s also very useful to track your app downloads and revenue.

Best App marketing research tools to track app downloads and revenue:

  • App AnnieApp Annie is not only a great tool to do app market research and validate your app idea, it’s also very useful to track your app downloads and revenues. It produces a range of business intelligence tools and market reports for the apps and digital goods industry.
  • DistimoDistimo is an application store analytics company that provides insight into the application store market for developers, carriers, and device manufacturers worldwide.
    It offers Distimo Monitor, a cross-platform application monitoring tool for developers that enables them to monitor their own and competitive applications across various application stores; and Distimo Report that provides in-depth customized reports for carriers and operators and insight into various trends happening within various application stores worldwide.
  • AppFigures–App Figures is an affordable reporting platform for mobile app developers that brings together all of your app store sales, ad data, worldwide reviews, and hourly rank updates. App Figures collects and visualizes sales & download numbers, world-wide reviews & ranks, and other data their reporting solution.
  • Mopapp-Mop app helps developers and publishers to track and analyze their apps’ revenues from all major online stores (Apple App Store, Google Android Market, GetJar, RIM App World, Appia, MobiHand,…) and major mobile Ad networks (AdMob, …) through automatic data aggregation and easy-to-understand reports.
  • AppBot–Appbot is an online tool used by many of the world’s top app product managers and developers to track and analyze their user sentiment through app reviews. Appbot is a software startup providing app store optimisation tools for developers, app marketers, and product managers.
    The core Appbot product aggregates reviews and ratings and measures keyword rankings from the iTunes and Google Play app stores and provides them to users in a daily email digest.
    Appbot is already used by product teams from many of the world’s top app developers, and thousands of indie developers, worldwide. Alongside the core Appbot product, we have also developed AppbotX; an open-source library that can be added to an app with a single line of code.
  • FULLER App Analytics– Fuller is a Japanese startup that provides both battery saver apps for individual users and mobile app analytics data for business clients. Fuller’s product lines include Mr Mobile and App Quarium, two free battery-saving apps, and App Ape, a service that provides data on smartphones and apps.

After this now next is to promote your app in words means hire someone who can write for you. So you need reporter or blogger. So now Press release is the next step.

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