Best Effective Way To Promote Mobile Games

Mobile Games are now everywhere and it is difficult to argue about it because everybody is playing them whether it is children or adults. With the very fast development of digital industry, they are now not only on the tables but also on our smartphone, tablets, personal computers as well as TVs.

How can we promote mobile games?

After developing a mobile apps or games now comes the most difficult part. How will you promote your apps or game effectively? If you really want to make it big, promotions are the key. We have listed here some best effective ways to promote mobile games or app to ensure a steady flow of income for you or your company.

#1) Create a Website/Landing Page: Create a new attractive Website or Landing page with a relevant domain name and SEO optimized keywords. Include a catchy video that covers good descriptions of the game with screenshots to make the consumer become aware of its features and usefulness. Collect relevant customer feedback and provide forums for user queries.

#2) Social Media Marketing: Post about your game and announce it to your friends, family, and associates across some of your popular social network accounts like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It is one of the best ways to promote your mobile game or app. You may utilize these social networking sites but be sure to choose the most applicable audience for your app/game.

#3) PR(Press Release) and Articles: Write articles in targeted media which is related to your app. put a news about your app through a press release. press release writing and distribution service for app marketing helps your app get instant and valuable attention.

#4) Submit your Game/App for Reviews: Mobile app submission and reviews help your app/game to become known first by gamer then down to the masses. Some of the app reviews sites where you can submit your apps or games are 148appsiOSAPPSPYBestAppsReviewsReviewTheAppsApp Safari, etc. If the initial reviews of your app/game are positive, it will catch the attention of the app industry.

Important advice: If your app is a paid one, provide a redemption code to allow bloggers to download and write a review of your paid app/game later.

#5) Advertise your Game: Advertising is a great idea for any kind of game. Get to know the websites which fit into your game’s niche and buy up some ad space. It is one of the best ways to promote your mobile game or app. You may utilize social networking sites as well like Facebook. Be sure to choose the most applicable audience for your app/game.

#6) Create Buzz: Create a buzz in targeted media and social sites about an app. It’s necessary to inform users about app features and its working. Viral a story in targeted media to make them crazy and excited to install your app. If you viral a story about your app before few months of launching date, then its really provide you with a great marketing result to promote mobile games.

#7) Promote through Free Content: There are many blogs or start upvoting communities that entertain guest blog for games and apps. Promote your game through blogs/forums related to games or technology. You can even promote it through startup communities. The communities may help to notice your game with other people so you can drive more users to your app.

#8) Make a Short Video: A short video about your app will make it really easy for the reviewer to take a quick look at your app to see if it’s worthy of a feature. Remember the quality of your video will be used to judge the quality of your app, so make a video of a good quality with an informative explanation about your app working.

#9) CPI (Cost Per Install): CPI is a service to your app which is very important to improve installs of your app. For this service, you just need to pay for per install and you can get a good result to increases your app installs. that is also helpful to improve your rating and reviews.

#10) App Store Optimization: ASO is a process to give a maximum exposure to a particular app in the app stores. ASO will optimize your app in an app store and play store. It’s providing first chance to interact with a user with app optimization. ASO is a process which helps your app to get easily discovered by the user from an app store.

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